Jasper Borup

Jasper Borup

Location: Denmark

Jasper Borup, born on 5th November 1973, is a self-taught Danish artist based in Copenhagen, Jasper discovered the joy and freedom of art as a child. Formerly a Carpenter and Constructing Architect. He was back to painting as a liberating, fun and creative craft. In 2018 he joined an art group, He exhibited at major art galleries such as Zenith Art & Fashion in Miami, Florida, USA, VAN GOGH Art Gallery in Madrid, Spain, and Capital Culture House in Madrid, Spain. He has been featured at the M.A.D.S Art Gallery in Milan, Italy, Artifact in New York, USA, Artio Gallery in New York, USA, World of Crete in Greece, and HMVC Gallery New York, New York, USA. He is featured online on PLOGIX Art Gallery in London, United Kingdom, TRiCERA Art Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. He won the coveted International prize Donatello in Florence, Italy, and Top Artists The Protagonists of Contemporary Art in Venice, Italy. A participant in The European Art Guide 21/22, Bellamonti Art in Helsingborg, Sweden, and in ART ANTHOLOGY III 2021, Guto Ajayu Culture in Madrid, Spain. He has been interviewed in 2020 by The Magazine of Contemporary Art, The MoCA in Los Angeles, CA, USA. He took over in 2020 @10011mag Instagram accounts for 24 hours where he shared his personal artworks, experiences and studio via live stories and posts in New York, USA.


Jasper Art

I manifest in my thoughts, dreams, and frustrations as colors and forms. I emphasize traits such as honesty, empathy, and love rather than work praise. Love has been missing from my tale of existence. I was born in a world where men are self-centered, evil, stupid, hard, and untrue. I was not allowed to unfold this change me from loving and happy to angry, frustrated, and anxious. This made me scared of women as a child. Man's purpose in life is craving sex with beautiful women, for many left dreams. This leads to envy and evil intentions, when there is no love.

Through the imagery of fake looks, living masks, cool performances, and being oneself, I want people to become real, tolerant, loving, and bold. The tribal way of life is very similar to a loving way of life, but with love, there will be peace, love, and harmony, and people will feel happy, and I want these things to be placed together in some form. With imagery of tribal people, I encourage freedom, simplicity, tolerance, tranquility, the ability to be oneself, as well as a love revolution. I eradicate evil and fear in order to have more love and sex for the sake of peace, love, and harmony for happy and contented humanity.

Be Yourself from your Birth to your Death “Be Yourself from your Birth to your Death”

When you are born, the first seven years of your life are a time when you are free to be who you are. However, if your parents aren’t loving and as you grow older and meet more evil, selfish, and cold people who dislike you, it is mostly men who are not loving who will change your mind, making you sad and scared. They do this by being cruel and using the dark side of life to manipulate your thoughts. This happens before you turn seven years old because your belief is formed in your subconscious mind between the ages of 0 and 7, and it could be a belief that all humans are hard and evil so you now are afraid of people or have a belief that all humans are good if you had a loving and protecting family. If your parents are strict, you will no longer be joyful and loving, because you have anxiety in your subconscious mind, you are not free as human, Many guys in our culture don't want you to have sex with a lot of women because they aren't themselves or they get jealous, and you aren't yourself either; they've altered your path to a dark path one of worry and nasty individuals. If you want to be yourself around other people, it is important that you surround yourself with sweet and loving people who do not care how you are, who accept you for who you are, who accept you as you are, who accept you as you are, who accept you as you are, who accept you as you are, who accept you as you are, who accept you as you are, who accept you as you are, who accept you as you are, who accept you as you are, who accept you as you are, who accept you as you.
To meet certain individuals in your life, you have to make an effort, even if you simply chance to run into them at a football game, to stay in touch with them and be present with them because a parent told you so because you believe in your parents. However, you are not truly yourself around them because they expect you to be like them; they want you to make their day better; you must not show your vulnerability to them; they enjoy being evil; they do not truly like you; they do not like people as they are selfish, you find it hard to be someone other than who you are; you are afraid of rejection, bullying, and isolation; thus, you behave differently; they give you negative energy; on the inside, you are sad and scared. If you're kind and loving, you should avoid individuals who are selfish and wicked, and who don't care about anything other than themselves. It is better to be surrounded by friends who accept you as who you are if it's too difficult to find friends, because of your dark path, it is better to be alone or with beloved animals, you may be kind to yourself and be true to who you are.
You become insecure when you are anxious in your subconscious mind and you are not yourself. When you are anxious in your subconscious mind and you are not yourself, you are very afraid of them getting angry at you and of being rejected, so when people perceive you as scared and awkward when you go and talk to them, you rejected condescendingly, you get the feeling of not being good enough, even though by contacting them on the street, you show insecurity, which is caused by your anxiety, which you acquired from your childhood. It's most attractive women that do it; they're not cute; they'd rather have a life that appears to be great on the surface; they don't care who you are as long as you can make them laugh, are confident, powerful, and can generate money so they can feel protected and enjoy a life of abundance while having fun. In reality, they are evil and selfish on the inside, and they are not even what they want in a man; they simply have it that a man is attracted to their bodies and appearance, and men hope they will be allowed access to their genitals, and when they have had sex with them; she is often no longer interesting to the man; the masters simply talk to the women; they are funny, strong, and confident men and women get attracted of it because we are living more in an evil world, where you must be strong to survive, but many times they are not loving, they are unfaithful, psychopaths, idiots, evil, and not themselves. Men are attracted to the woman's exterior, but they are also exposed to infidelity and evil, which means that many women and men are attracted to something that turns out to be not so good in the end. In reality, the woman desires to be with a happy and loving man, and men are not concerned with the woman's internal makeup as long as she is delicious and they can have sex with her and show her off in front of other men, which she certainly is. They want men to be awesome when they speak with them because there are so many men trying to attract them, but they are all talking the same way and it would not attract women. Therefore, beautiful women want men to be awesome when they speak to them but being awesome all the time can be difficult in the long run. You should be who you are, with all of your ups and downs, because you will come across as more true that way to the woman.
As a human being nowadays, it's hard & difficult not to be yourself all of the time; it may lead to sadness or more dangerous a depression. You must be strong 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and create a facade so that cruel, cold, selfish individuals cannot tear you down, leaving you unhappy, afraid, and possibly depressed. You have the impression that you shouldn't be here. I do not like evil or savagery, I just want to be surrounded by sweet and loving people who are themselves and encourage you to show your vulnerability and be yourself. You do not have to be strong all the time; it's more amazing to dare to show his vulnerability, his feelings, and be loving; it's better for humans and animals. Several people today are not themselves when they are around other people; many people do not accept that you show your fragility and vulnerability because there is only room for hardworking people who must demonstrate strength and self-confidence; many people, especially women, expect you to be that way so you can work, make money, provide security, and provide an abundance of materials; if you are not capable of that, you will be rejected and judged out even if you are capable of that and more importantly you are a loving person.
When you look at the cityscape or the media, you often see people who are rich, hardworking, and successful who have a lot of money, and behave like being amazing, but behave selfishly, coldly, and evilly. That's why I've included so many keywords in my painting that express how I want people to be and what a good life should include. Even though I am not flawless, I am a kind & loving human being who is sadly surrounded by bad individuals. The people I encounter in my life do not like people and do not care about me, they are not so loving. That's why I used the word "peace" as a keyword because that's the life I want: free of people who are evil in some way, free of people who only care about themselves, but only surrounded by loving people who want the best for you. Only loving sweet people will accept you as you are, fragile, quiet, vulnerable, awkward, and in a bad mood; only loving sweet people will accept you as you are, but the loving, sweet, and good people will hide because the world is more hurtful than loving. A woman from Africa wearing a different headdress is depicted in my painting, which was created using pencil, acrylic, and charcoal. I painted it because it should be possible to be yourself and wear whatever you want without fear of meeting bad people or being subjected to cruel remarks or other forms of malice, they hope to pull you down and stop you. I would much rather meet kind and loving people who don't mind how you look or who you are; it would be a better world. The reason I painted the butterflies in a circle is to send the message that butterflies are wonderful lovely, and so must humans be if we are to live in a better society where everyone is free to be who they want to be. The color blue has long attracted the interest of painters and art enthusiasts alike, therefore I chose it for my painting. Because it was both difficult and expensive to get, blue was only used rarely in medieval and renaissance art, and then only on the clothes of royalty, religious leaders, and other well-to-do individuals. There is no doubt that the color blue has served as an inspiration for artists over the years, whether it is as a sign of spirituality or worldly prosperity, melancholy, or strength. As a result, the once-precious hue has been democratized while remaining undiluted in terms of its fundamental strength and expressive potential, serving as an inspiration to countless artists throughout time. Grey is the color of elegance, the symbol of experience, and the color of perplexity. In figurative discourse, grey rules the hazy region between black and white. I used grey color in my painting as an impersonal, melancholy hue that is commonly linked with drab, filthy, and dingy, as well as formal, conservative, and sophisticated meanings. Gray is a classic and utilitarian hue that is sometimes linked with loss or melancholy.

Free “Free”

The painting is named as “free” that expresses the strong feelings of evil, selfishness, fear of rejection, and anger. However, at the same time, it expresses the feeling of love and relaxation. I paint this painting to portray the importance of being loving and yourself rather than following others by using the intense colors like red that predicts anger while yellow that predicts peace.

Look and Be Yourself “Look and Be Yourself”

There is a purpose in making this painting of a wild-looking African tribal woman with a beautiful headdress, a large round plate inserted into her lips, earplugs, and small earrings, which I have made on paper 84 x 119 cm with dry colors, acrylic, and glitter gold. It's because I like their way of life better as primitive and free, therefore I see them as calmer and more tolerant people. It the distancing and desire for peace from people who turn out to be evil, determining, unloving (indifferent towards others than themselves) and uncomprehending (without ability or willingness to familiarize themselves with and accept other people's different way of being, needs, values, choices, etc.), who like evilness (which seeks to add pain, injury or suffering to others), they want to determine and harm me so they can get power the way they want. As a sweet (with a personality, a way of being or, an appearance that is endearing or touching to others) and loving (a very strong feeling of tenderness and affection towards a living beings you care about and you wish them a better life than yourself) person, I don't understand the meaning of it and I don’t like it. I get astounded, scared and quiet inside me, I think it's ridiculous, stupid and strange as it makes no sense when it becomes malicious. I find them to be stupid, terrible, merciless, and selfish. I consider these people and the industry which they have made to be a problem for humanity and life on earth. If they are dissatisfied with themselves and their lives or envious of what I do, who I am, and how I look, and they don't like me and don't like to feel a certain way that I also feel sometimes, it does not give them the right to interfere and destroy/harm me in any way. I want them to understand that they should take charge of their own lives. This also tells me something about them; that they are matchsticks that quickly break if they have to be mean when they feel a certain emotion that they don't like about me. I don't care about how you look, what you do, or who you are, I am like you who has the right to be here, look and live as a human being the way I want, feel good, and be myself without the fear of being exposed to stupid and evil intentions from you if you are frustrated, dissatisfied and envious. It is better you treat people with kindness and dignity so people can feel good, even if you have that certain emotion you don't like to feel, no one and not even you want to have the fear of being exposed to evilness. If you have that feeling and want to hurt me, it would be best if you looked after your own life and go after your industry and try to stop and harm it instead. It is unloving people like you and the industry which is evil, made inhumane, and too difficult that gives people stress, fear, psychological problems and turns people selfish, evil, angry and frustrated, because you want them to work harder and faster, for the purpose of survival, that gives people a shit day and it will help if your industry would slow down, take it easy, stop growing, not be evil and not take life so seriously.
In this modern world, it is a crime to stand out from the crowd, be yourself, and look beautiful and different, which can lead to gaining attention and attraction because of the ungifted and unloving people who want to prevent other people from having intercourse with who they like and having a loving relationship with them, by threatening, scaring, and harming them, they may, strangely enough have it or not have it, but also want it. And maybe, people have been lucky with their looks, which unloving people will feel envious about if they do not have same, they might show an envious expression to them when people look at them or they will be mean to people if people hang out with them, and people know when they do it they are not loving. The industry contains a lot of laws and regulations, and people must comply with those laws or, in the opposite case, they will be punished. This makes people scared; and that is the purpose, and that's how unloving people can get people to do what they want. The industry believes that everything has to be in a certain perfect way (which is without faults or defects; completely satisfactory like cool, flawless, fearless, and great), and they know it is tough, but they like to see people do it. Sweet people find it to be stupid, far too serious, and ridiculous that life must be so hard and about perfection, growth, money, things, toughness, and hard work which the industry finds to be more valued and greater than humanity and devotion. This is how they can have control and change people's attitudes towards them, to fit in and be valued.
People believe that those who work hard and have done it well are better people, not minding if the person is an asshole. Like other people, there are those unloving people who also want to lead themselves forward to achieve success, attention, attraction, and sex but they don't dare to show courage and they will not admit it, they are afraid of rejection and feel inferior, and they will strangely enough, not like it if they will be harmed by people of the same violence they love. And when they see people stand for themselves and stick their nose out and want to promote themselves with their appearance or talent in public or on social media, with the dream of ultimately achieving wealth and amazing sex they will feel envious that they dare to show courage, they will say and do evil things to them, directly or indirectly, with their evil plans to cause hindrance and stop people from making their dreams come true. They think it's fine to rule, be mean and unkind to people, and think they have weight and power and will get respect if they do it, and they will feel amazing and satisfied if they do it and win, and they will do everything they can to win by using evil and savagery. They know that if they can pull people down and make them afraid, they will be stopped for the purpose that they should be here and have a life. Unloving people like to fit into an evil and crazy world with people like them, and because of that, many sweet people refrain from pushing themselves forward, unlike unloving people who like it evil and crazy. Unloving people should realize that it will be best for life on planet earth if they disappeared and swam into the deep black sea and drowned themselves. This would benefit all the sweet people who are loving and do not fit into this stupid, evil, and inhumane world, to whom my painting is a tribute. People can do and look as they want and be themselves with these wonderful people. They would never be mean to people if they get humiliated or want to stop people with malice if they feel envious of those who are leading themselves forward and want attention, attraction and sex by showing themselves in public in eye-catching dresses or other notable things like the wild African woman in my painting. Sweet people want others to be well and happy no matter what, they like living beings, and for them, it is extra hard to join and be part of society, because they don't fit into an evil and inhumane society, they would rather that society is humane, loving and kind where they will fit in, they do not understand evil and distance themselves from unloving people who treat them poorly and who like toughness over devotion and have polluted the industry. They like people who are sweet, honest, real, understanding and loving like them and like to live an easy, calm and simple lifestyle in peace, love, and harmony which means to be perfect in their world, and I believe that these people and what they like are healthier and better for people, animals, and plants and will make the world more peaceful, happier and a calmer place.
The industry which for sweet people is about indifferent topics like the outer, perfection, money, and materials, which is made so people can feel good and get everything that they want, but without devotion and understanding and only if people do exactly what the power-hungry fools say which will be difficult for people and strangely enough also for themselves. They believe the world belongs to them. You experience these people most often in public because society is made for them; they think they are amazing when they are evil and have power, and they like to put fear into others, but don't like it themselves so, they become mean and wild if people reciprocate. When they get wild by doing evil things, people get scared, which gives them the power they want. This is how they win and become powerful over people who are not like them and do not like it, and they avoid them by being wild and evil and win to feel the emotions they give people which is fear and worthlessness, according to the rules of their self-made industry. If people will change their attitude as it is now, where they want it to be about work, evil, and being crazy but instead consider that love will be better for life on earth to live our lives as living beings and feel good instead, people would live a more simple and calm life which I believe is more humane, people would be satisfied, calmer and happier with themselves and others. People would realize that they no longer are subject to a lot of determination, control, evil, and punishment from unloving people who are power-hungry fools, and not walk around and be so scared anymore, they would instead interact more with strangers outside, and they will figure out that they are indifferent to computers and they are unimportant for their life and not have to spend their precious time in cyberspace looking into a screen, people will instead think life makes more sense to live as human beings without unimportant things and allowed to be who they are, look as they want and behave the way they want without them being exposed to evil all the time, they would have the time to live in the moment and be a kinder and happier people and more relaxed and tolerant because society is now about humanity and love.
Therefore, the painting is really to emphasize that the best people in the world are sweet people because they are real, honest, and have love, empathy, and compassion. Whereas these mean-spirited people are not good for living beings and shouldn't be valued for their unloving intentions, even if they are what society expects from us strong mentally and doing a good job they do more harm than good. While interacting with them, you open yourself up to them like the sweet person you are, but it turns out they're lying to you about themselves and their lives, you can sense that and you don't like them lying, and you know they are unloving people when they do it, they want to appear as amazing which they think in their world is fearless and cool, they are scared of being rejected, humiliated and not feeling good enough if they are not. They don’t feel good about sharing not-so good things about their lives and how they truly feel (vulnerability, weakness, fragility) with people. They think it makes them look weak and appear as a loser, which these people dislike. They expect people to be in a certain way (cool, fearless, flawless, and awesome) with them, or else they will not like them and be mean to them, their behavior seems like that, but people can sense they are not themselves to please them and to be with them, and when they suddenly become evil assholes who bully and judge you in the group, if you are not like them but show you are vulnerable and yourself, so to avoid this you must come into the fight or be someone else and show you are "great" (fearless and cool), but it makes no sense for you to fight and not be human and yourself, you are not evil like them and do not like what they say and do, and in reality, they don't like living beings and you shouldn't be here, so it makes no sense for a sweet person to be with them. When sweet people show courage and talk to unloving people, they can sense they judge you within themselves, if they become envious of your look, or that you showed courage which they can’t dare to do, and appear as who you are, they don't like you for it they either show it or tell you in an indirect mean way that you are not good enough for them and you don't do it to them regardless of what you see and who you talk to, your behavior is sweet and you want the best for them, but strangely enough, the unloving people don't like it and reject you in an inhumane and cold manner. Sweet people don't want to determine and be tough, they instead talk sweetly and calmly, especially to children if they have done some inappropriate things, they want to share their knowledge about life and people and want to help them, so they can go through life with that knowledge in an easier way, they love and accept them and want them to feel good and be themselves. And when sweet people show their love towards other living beings, they feel good, happy, and satisfied. For them what the industry is about is very stupid and pointless, therefore as the sweet people they are, it makes more sense for them to care for and be with living beings. It would be meaningless for them to be with unloving people where there is no love. It will be their priority to live in a world that is not about evils and things but about living beings and love.

The Tribal Woman

The tribal woman that I have painted wears a headdress with a patterned scarf around her head. At the back of the head, there are decorative sticks and feathers on sticks stuck through a hair knot. I painted the light feathers because it was something the Indians created and wore. I see it as a sign of gentleness, kindness, beauty, attention, and attraction.
On the top of the headdress, I have painted Japanese-inspired round small carved wooden sticks, designed to emit calmness and peace. In the ears, there are earrings and large eye-catching earplugs. I have drawn it so that the ear hangs at the bottom so it looks like it has large plates inserted as tribal people also do and that are now replaced with small earrings.
Earrings and plugs are something I associate with being noticed, attractive, beautiful, different, and cool. But what you see is not always what you get. In the lower lip, a large round plate is inserted with patterns that look wild and different from Western eyes. It is something that men in Africa think looks beautiful on women. Maybe because they think the women aren't really beautiful, and want them to vandalize their looks and replace them with beautiful things. But if so, I think it is a stupid, selfish, and ignorant mindset of the men, where a woman’s beautiful look means more to them than who she is. It is shown that many men are visual, power-hungry, and unloving. Tribal people change and vandalize their looks as they were made to look beautiful, to be noticed, to attract, to please others, and to get sex. It is a simple, poor, and free way of living, where they are allowed to do whatever they want without being determined over and get punished for it, as it does not have to be in a certain perfect way, and not have to be afraid of whether they have a good enough life or have to live on the streets like people in the western modern civilization.
Over her shoulders, I have painted patterned rugs. The carpet was something the Indians wore around them which I associate with something warm, soft, and good. The soft and warm values I associate with sweet, calm, and harmless people who like a life where people feel good in peace, love, and harmony. On the face of the woman, I have painted a distinctive pattern. I like patterns, I see them as beautiful; tribal people paint patterns on their faces and turn their bodies into beautiful liberating works of art without them having to be afraid of too much malice, which I see people are more exposed to in the western modern society, their life is more stressed, frustrated, scared, angry and envious because of the industry which is not humane, healthy or good for people.
I have painted the circles out from the pupil in different colors as a reference to people’s obsession with beauty. They see the beauty and are attracted to it and want to own it, but what I see in people is usually a fake look. This is proof that many people are not honest about who they are with their looks in public. They are not truthful in their behavior and looks, they look cool, different, and beautiful. And when you talk to them, their behavior is seen as amazing, fearless, and attractive. But, in reality, they are not real themselves and have fear of interacting with strangers, with the risk of exposing their mediocrity and being humiliated, rejected, and feeling less worthy. If they look at you and seem interested in your look, but dare not speak to you at the risk of being rejected and you are the one who must show courage and go and talk to them instead, and it then turns out that they are selfish and mean, if you show you are real and yourself and not like them, or if it turns out that they just looked at you because they were envious of your beauty, and don't like you for that reason, then you can be sure they will reject you in a degrading way, so you must perceive them in an untrue way as better than you and you are not good enough for them, even if you were the one who was tough, brave, showed interest and were nice going to talk to them with the risk of being rejected and feel worthless, which I, as a sweet person, find to be cool, worthy, honest and humane, than not to showing courage and risking getting rejected and not feel good enough. It's proof that many people who do not show courage and reject people in a mean way are unloving and they are not as people see and think of them as fearless, cool, and amazing, but in reality, people get what they are.
The butterflies are within circles because I want them to be noticed in the painting, they are important to me, as I see them as harmless, beautiful, and wonderful creatures. I compare them to sweet and loving people who are wonderful and not out to harm and scare living beings, if they don't give them a good day or they are themselves, beautiful, different and look a certain way to get attention and attraction which can lead to sex. The distance between butterflies is showing that sweet people have to stay away from unloving people who are selfish and evil.
The tribal woman is behind a silver grid in my painting, I did that because I believe that they are not appreciated for living differently and being tribal people in freedom, therefore she is behind a grid-like place, put behind bars to illustrate that if people don't do like people in the civilized world they will be looked down upon, be unimportant and get punished. The patterns like zigzag lines, circles, dots, and squares in different colors are inspired by the art of tribes, I painted them because I want them to receive the attention they deserve for being created in a good sense for people who live life simple, calm, independent and free which I believe is a healthier lifestyle for people and will make them more tolerant, satisfied and happier.
The keywords in different colors, which I have written in different sizes and at random places in front are words that I like to relate to those people who possess inner qualities I admire such as being sweet, real, and loving, which I want the world to understand that these people are more important for the world and should be heard and praised for their loving qualities to other living beings, which will ensure that they will have a life and get their needs and dreams fulfilled which in turn, will make them happy and satisfied. Keywords that distance themselves from people who are unloving, mean, dishonest, and selfish towards others which is not good for the world and will make many living beings sad, upset, afraid, frustrated, and angry. Some of the keywords I have written such as looks, sight, and attention, are because they are not as important as the looks, but more importantly, is that you are good to others like sweet and loving.

Beautiful outside, but inside is not so beautiful “Beautiful outside, but inside is not so beautiful”

I painted a beautiful female model with acrylic and pencil that you can glimpse behind the abstract, she can only be glimpsed because in her world it is never good enough, she is more interested in perfection, work, and money than humanity, because that is how society is created by people who likes to decide who are not empathetic, loving, and understanding, who do not like people, and the system is therefore made to be as perfect, severe, evil and wild as possible. Strangely enough, they are also making it difficult for themselves by changing the attitude of people, and thus women, so that they are on their side, and women fall for men who fit into this but dare to be brave and contact them and can seduce them but who are mostly a bad choice for her and the children because they are not real and loving but determinant, harsh, selfish, and mean, and that behavior can hurt people and destroy their lives for a lifetime.
Beautiful women are sought after and so feel great. They only fall for men who are more spectacular than they are when such individuals contact them and who work and have a demeanor like when you work. When you focus on being mentally strong, flawless, confident, selfish, and wicked for her to feel secure in affluence and feel good, she becomes selfish, obstinate, greedy, and does not compromise. She is so tough to entice and unpleasant, strife and strict to live with since she sets such high demands, she believes luxury is more essential than humanity. If those needs are not satisfied, she coldly rejects the man and seeks another man who she believes will please her since doing differently she thinks would be too dangerous and frightening.
She worries that if she does this, something terrible will happen to her, such as losing her life, yet all of this happens when people are selfish and cruel instead of being empathic and loving. The males don't care who she is; all they want to do is be with her and have sex with her because she's attractive. Women believe that men who work and are well-off are serious and passionate about life. Men's commitment and passion are just for the goal of impressing and seducing women to have sex with them; everything else in their lives is in fact unimportant. They can be wealthy and famous if they work hard and have talent, they can have fancy cars, tattoos, and muscles, and dress in military or police outfits. To impress and attract women in the hope that the women will contact them and have sex with them, but for women, it's not so much about what men show and do as it is about men being brave, and cool and contacting them, and this has always been a man`s job way back in time and today shows inner strength, works and is well-off before the woman wants anything to do with the man and it can be a bad choice if it turns out that the man is dishonest and not empathetic and loving.
Beautiful women are sought after and only have to wait for men to approach them. They hope to find someone who is confident and can charm and seduce them, women don't view men solely as sexual objects as men do to women. Women do not place as much emphasis on men's looks today and will reject those who don't meet the perceived standards set by the job market, whom she believes will not be good enough to be with as they only seek financial stability and prosperity today. However, if women were to adopt a more sensible approach and prioritize qualities like empathy, kindness, and love in men, they will discover that these individuals make wonderful partners in the long term—for both themselves and their children. Shifting their attitude could lead to more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.
People who are loving and therefore genuinely care about others desire a better life for everyone, not just themselves. They don`t want to be in charge, selfish or evil, and will treat women with respect, not as mere sex objects to flaunt to others. Instead, they view women as living beings with emotions, deserving of affection and dignity. Treating others with love and kindness is essential, as everything else is mindless, nonsense, and lifeless. However, if individuals cannot be loving, it will be best for them not to have children or raise them. This is because their actions will end up harming the children more than benefitting them. In such cases, it's crucial to prioritize a life of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfilling one's needs, including healthy relationships, rather than focusing solely on physical desires like sex.
The artwork portrays a beautiful woman you can glimpse wearing a bikini, looking out of a window with a cigarette in his mouth, exuding a sense of confidence, deliciousness, and allure. She embodies everything that men want to own and have sex with. However, many men struggle to muster the courage to approach women due to traumas they endured during childhood or other distressing experiences like war or violence. These traumas aim to instill fear in men and hinder their ability to form connections with women. Such issues stem from a lack of love and genuine care among men who exhibit selfishness, cruelty, and a fake persona to appear cool and fearless. They project a facade of being strong, fearless, and amazing, which is a feeling they got from the good work they have done, but in truth, they are not their authentic selves. If these men truly possessed such amazing qualities, they would exhibit genuine toughness and bravery, enabling them to contact and seduce women without hesitation.
Being cool, brave, and genuine is beneficial for men as it allows them to overcome fear regardless of whether men seem scared and insecure in the beginning, this will establish connections with women and lead to more sex if they can eliminate their fear, and men will experience happiness and fulfillment. Men who can seduce women, because they can confidently approach women and demonstrate strength, humor, and fearlessness will get a lot of sex and choose to have several women at once because they can, they have nothing else on their minds, because women are beautiful and delicious, and women today fall for those men because it shows they can handle their life and have a good job and earn a lot of money so they can feel safe and secure. However, it's essential to consider that being a good partner goes beyond appearances, perfection, and material success. Being loving and caring towards one's partner and children is crucial for a healthy, happy, and satisfying relationship and children. Those men who are loving and empathetic, dare to be brave and reach out to others, including women, even if they live with trauma, they do not want to have power over people and therefore don`t care to feel minor and not good enough, they like people and want them a good life ahead, even if they live with trauma and live a less good life. By doing so, they can overcome fear and find themselves and be loving, happy, and satisfied again, they are now not living a life with frustrations, they are now with women and can have women of their own choice and get more sex. But in conclusion, all men can be brave and seduce women if they want to, but it is important to notice that men who have courage, authenticity, love, and compassion can build meaningful relationships and lead fulfilling lives with women, children, people and animals who appreciate and love them in return.
Living as a kind and loving person in a society which in their world is ridiculous and stupid, can be challenging. Some individuals, who lack understanding, love, and empathy, perceive this society as perfect and remarkable, but it is, in fact, superficial and false. The prevailing system promotes fear and distances people from one another from what is good, as love is absent from its core. This society was created with inhumanity, selfishness, evil, and completely wild, valuing only inner strength and accomplishments like good and hard work, regardless of who you truly are. Beautiful women are courted and put on a pedestal, leading to a sense of entitlement, selfishness and arrogance and making high demands, it is with these beautiful women in mind that the world still goes on. Men's obsession with women perpetuates this dynamic, while many men suffer from traumas and frustrations, merely dreaming of these coveted women, fostering envy, resentment and evil intentions among them. The absence of genuine love and understanding contributes to a lack of peace on Earth. The focus on superficialities and societal expectations perpetuates this cycle. To create a better world, we must shift our values away from materialistic desires and prioritize love, compassion, and meaningful connections among all people.
However, if men began to disregard women and society turned down their demands and stopped, slowing down, we lived more simply, relaxed, and cared more about people, animals, and love rather than trivial things like jobs, money, and materials. Then you will finally be able to change people's attitudes, and therefore women's, so that it must grow into a simpler existence with more love and sex, resulting in happy and fulfilled people and a better world.
The keywords I have written in different places like ENJOY by the face is because she is beautiful and nice to kiss, FREEKII FREEKII YOU by the breasts, breasts are nice and women are nice and crazy, PERFECT by the panties, panties are perfect and what hides behind the panties which are what men only think about who they want to have access to more than anything else in the whole world. LOVE on the forearm is most important for people to feel good and makes them stay FREE as I have written on the shoulder because that is the condition you must have as a man if you want success with women and which is a desire I have so I can live happy and satisfied and be who I really am.
As a child I liked girls and kissed them, I didn't think about anything else and I still do to this day. But in my childhood, my father was unkind to me, treating me harshly in front of others. It felt awful, hurtful, and confusing, making me very sad. The problem and the worst part was that nobody stood up to him because they were scared of his tyrannical behavior. I didn't have anyone to support and love me, which led me over time to believe that people are generally evil and it made me afraid of being around them, he want me to be alone. My father had his own emotional struggles, and he didn't want me to be different from him. He became jealous that I was happy and loving and was kissing with girls, which he only dreamed of and this made him treat me evil, even though I was a cute little boy. He knew how to traumatize me, because his father, my grandfather, who was the one I was most afraid of, told him why he treated him harshly as a child, so that I should get the same treatment and live with trauma like them, and my grandfather has lived with trauma from world war. On the surface, it may look good and perfect but in reality, it is fake, behind closed doors, people do more harm than good when there is no love.
The keyword "COOL" this is attractive to women, it is important if you want to have a life and manage it these days, some people in the world don't like others and are envious, and malicious, they have created a world where power, rules and evilness are used to put fear into people to control them. To have a good life in this world, it's important to be kind and show love to others.
The keyword "FEEL" is important because it's natural for humans to express their emotions. However, nowadays, people avoid talking about feelings as it can make them feel vulnerable and lead to crying, which is seen as the opposite of being strong and brave. Society expects everyone to be tough and fearless, especially when working and making a living, because people who have created the society and have power over people like it that way, and this has changed people's attitudes. So, showing soft emotions is often not appreciated or accepted. But in my world as a dear person, I believe it's essential to be genuine and show all emotions. Being true to yourself and expressing feelings is good behavior and makes us human and authentic.
"BLACK HEARTS" represent the importance of showing love and kindness to people and animals to feel happy. I prefer CALM living and people because this will result that people don't get angry and don't scare children. I use blue color to paint Japanese characters like samurai, strength, love, peace, happiness, loyalty, faith, life, and courage because they are positive and attractive qualities, especially to beautiful women. I find Japan fascinating, beautiful and different calmly, but I've learned that appearances can be deceiving, and we should take action to find the truth. The black lines and dots in my art are inspired by Aboriginal, African, and Indian tribal art, which I find beautiful and unique and which I think is done in a good way. These cultures seem to live more freely, in a primitive and honest way, allowing them to be themselves without facing the constant power struggles and evils seen in the Western modern world.

Brain Repair “Brain Repair”

This painting reflects the journey of a once-loving person whose capacity for love was taken away already and even when you were a little sweet and innocent child. Someone who was untrue, selfish, and could not be loving filled a child`s mind with fear, inflicting harm out of envy, which led the child to believe that humans are evil and unkind. Consequently, the absence of love made it challenging for the child and for the child`s future to regain their happy and loving nature. Restoring love and happiness to their brain and soul is difficult and requires enormous effort and can span up to 10 years, requiring bravery to confront their fears. And with the conviction that people are evil, that these not-good people have given you in your deepest mind in your childhood, you find out throughout your life that it is actually true as well.
I created this painting to express the inner anguish I carry. It portrays the visage of an African tribal person, representing their humanity, freedom, simplicity, and serene nature, making them authentic, composed, and tolerant beings. However, from the head's brain, protrude thick, pointed objects that symbolize the turmoil caused by the fear inflicted on me by evil people during my childhood. This fear has deeply impacted my life, making it challenging to cope. The depiction includes eyes in red with tear-like dots beneath, giving the impression of crying, as I endure immense suffering and find life exceedingly difficult. The lines and dots around the eyes accentuate these emotions, because when I encounter a woman I feel attracted to, I get extremely anxious and only look at her, anxious about her potential anger and rejection if I contact her. This fear pervades my entire being, a belief rooted in my childhood experiences when my father publicly yelled at me. Through my art as the dear person I am, I aim to honestly convey the struggle I face, the turmoil within, and the journey toward healing and self-discovery.
I have always felt like something was wrong because I never received support, love, or honesty from anyone. It wasn't until almost 45 years later that I learned the real reason behind this mistreatment. The man who caused my pain wanted to make it difficult for me to have relationships with women, because all men are solely driven by their desire to be with women, and it is their ultimate purpose in life. However, many men are not genuine; they carry their own inner pain and are power-hungry fools, and have got powerful jobs, they can have worked hard and achieved success, wealth, and fame and have amazing cars, tattoos, houses, etc. to make you believe they are amazing, cool and fearless with the aim that they hope it will impress and attract beautiful women who will want to be with them and have sex with them, because frankly, they are afraid to contact the women and be rejected for feeling less powerful, minor and not good enough they are unkind, disliking others and embracing malevolence. They don't want others to have a better life than themselves, they want people not to be themselves but to be like them, to impose their ways of living onto others. For these men, their only sense of fulfillment comes from sex, and if this is not fulfilled leading them to lead empty and frustrated lives. This frustration breeds envy and evil intentions when they are not empathetic and loving.

Women on the Brain “Women on the Brain”

With pencil, crayon, and charcoal I have drawn an abstract painting with patterns and keywords in the abstract a beautiful African woman walking with a handbag, because men have women on the brain when they are born. Everything men do is to be with lovely women and get sex. Everything else doesn't matter, they don't care who she is, all they think about is her body and get sex. She is drawn into the abstract because she must not have too much attention, she does not deserve it, even she is sought after and delicious. I experience her as not loving but superior, greedy, cold, selfish and mean, she don`t want a mediocre life and if it is not amazing and perfect she despises it. Therefore it is difficult for men and people to live up to and be with her, men don`t care as much about perfection, they only have women on the brain. If men care about perfection it is because women do it and like it. The beautiful African woman I have drawn I see as the most beautiful woman. They have lovely brown skin, and full lips. Her hair is small hair tubers, she has jewelry around her neck, stomach and wrists. She wear tight top and pants to show her delicious curves and some of her skin. She wears high-heeled sandals that show her beautiful toes. She does this because she wants a perfect life, to be seen, appreciated and coveted as she surely will be, to feel amazing without being rejected. She wants to be contacted and seduced. She wants sex, to feel good, loved, delicious, special and amazing. But what you see is often not what you get, she is mostly decisive, superior, selfish, mean, and greedy and perfectionist. But you get who you are if you are yourself. The keywords placed arbitrarily, are about the beautiful woman. It is because of beautiful women evil men have created the system to make people scared. Thus men are scared of women, making it hard to seduce them. With the system, women want everything to be perfect to live safely and securely. She therefore has a wonderful butterfly tattoo on her shoulder to tell that I want her and people to be, in a more loving world, to be happy. The little loving heart at the stomach whether you not like it, is important for people, children and animals. To be allowed to be who you are, to get more sex and love, the little cross on the upper arm symbolize that we must die, that problem cannot be solved, is just the way it is, the little peace sign on the chest symbolize that men have women on the brain, but many men only dream about them and are lucky if they get sex they live with trauma caused by unloving people, or not a trauma, but no matter what, afraid of rejection. They get envy of men who are beautiful, successful, brave and are with women, and become mean to stop them from it. I want that to be stopped to be cracked down on, to put an end to that behavior, to choose love instead. To be happy, to get love and sex, and a better earth in peace, love and harmony.