Hugo Murillo Benich

Hugo Murillo Benich

Location: Bolivia

I was born in 1941 in Bolivia. Having some painting studies, I am also a writer, poet and mathematician.
In 1956,1957 and 1958 I studied at the National School of Art in Oruro, Bolivia. In 1973 at L'Ecole des Arts D'Ixelles, Belgique. Naturally, I exhibited my pictures in Bolivia from my youth, but only once abroad in Brazil, where I won a second prize.
In 1973 I worked at Le Soir Jeunesse as a cartoonist. In 1977, 1978 and 1979 I worked for P.A. Features, London as a cartoonist too. In 1989 among 417 drawings and caricatures I was selected one of the winners of the universal contest "Racismus? Nein! organized in Germany.
As a writer and poet I won some awards. I am known as the pioneer of Science Fiction in Bolivia.
I taught mathematics at the Technical University of Oruro for many years while painting. I consider myself a classical surrealist.
Then I partially lost my sight and began to draw a math comic book for children with amplified images in the computer. At present this project is almost finished.

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Oil on bristol board. 46 x 38 cm.

Artemis and the Traveler “Artemis and the Traveler”

I made this painting in 2005. It is an oil on bristol board. It has 46 x 38 cm.

Lot and his Daughters “Lot and his Daughters”

Oil on linen. 92 x 73 cm. 2000.

The Fall “The Fall”

Oil on linen. 92 x 73 cm. 2006.

The Raft “The Raft”

Oil on linen. 56.5 x 73 cm. 2007.

Prometheus “Prometheus”

Oil on linen. 92 x 73 cm. 1977.