Rick Delanty

With the moods of nature as his inspiration, the artist explores the relationship between art, Creation, and the human spirit in his boldly-brushed acrylic and oil paintings.

Southern California Representation: Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts, 2012
Big Sur Coast Gallery, Big Sur, CA.
Nootenboom Fine Art Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA.
Westervelt’s Fine Art Gallery, Laguna Niguel, CA
Delanty Studio & Gallery, San Clemente, CA

Out-of-State Representation: Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

Born in northern California in 1951, the artist has been a long-time painter of California land- and seascapes. An exuberant calligraphy is the hallmark of Delanty’s style.
The artist describes it as an “expressionistic realism” which might evoke the California coastline, the coastal cliffs of Maine, the forests and inland waterways of Canada, or
the mountains and waterfalls of Yosemite. Delanty has chosen San Clemente as his home, where he has created art both in the studio and plein air, for over three decades.

In 2011, Rick was juried into the 57th Annual National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic exhibition at the Salmagundi Club in New York. His awards include “Best of Show” at the Borrego Springs Plein Air invitational in 2008, and honorable mention in both the San Clemente Paintout and “The Modern Landscape Exhibition,” juried by Jean Stern, Ray Redfern and John Cosby. Rick has participated in plein air invitationals in San Luis Obispo (California), Sedona, (Arizona), and has been invited five times to the prestigious Laguna Beach Invitational, which culminates each year with an exhibition in the Laguna Art Museum. In February of 2012, he was awarded first place in the Richeson 75 “Small Works” show, juried by Steven Doherty.
He will be exhibiting Summer 2012 at the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts.

Educated at the University of California in literature and painting, Delanty came to San Clemente in 1974 as an arts instructor at San Clemente High School, where he taught drawing and painting for 32 years. Delanty watercolors were featured at the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts between 1985-90. Since 1995, Rick has created his landscapes in both acrylic and oils.
The artist is a member of the California Art Club, the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, and Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA). Rick is represented at California galleries in Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Crystal Cove, and the Delanty Studio/Gallery in San Clemente.

Delanty’s body of work is about the revelation of the divine power of God’s creation in nature. It is my hope that those who connect with my work will be uplifted, to reflect on the original works of God that surround us.”



These artworks are created by Rick J. Delanty, a professional landscape painter with a studio in San Clemente, California. It represents the dedication of over thirty years to successively honing drawing and painting skills, and developing a deepening relationship with our natural environment. I hope these paintings bring joy wherever they are shared, and that they glorify the ultimate Creator.

Overflow “Overflow”

36x36, acrylic on linen
Overflow was inspired by a rushing stream thirteen miles from Yosemite, Willow Creek, the Feeder river for Bass Lake. I wished to evoke its power and movement in this painting, through color, shape and brushstroke.

Blessing “Blessing”

24x24, acrylic on linen.

This painting was also inspired by the rushing waters of Willow Creek near Yosemite, and is about the many blessings we enjoy as God's creations in the middle of His Creation.

Outpouring, Horseshoe Falls “Outpouring, Horseshoe Falls”

36x48, acrylic on canvas

I wanted to find a natural symbol that evoked the power of God's Holy Spirit, and the way God can transform lives through the power of His love and mercy. When I visited the falls at Niagara (here Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side), I knew I had found that symbol. An historical reference for the viewer might be these falls as painted by Frederic Church in 1857.

King's Canyon Abstract “King's Canyon Abstract”

48x24 inches, acrylic on canvas

As in all of my paintings, it is the abstract pattern underneath the design of the painting that is of primary importance, even before the intention to represent the reality of a particular scene in the landscape. The viewer can see that the painting is divided roughly in half, with a "cool" side on the left, and a "warm" color scheme on the right. This is a principle that we see often in life and nature: point/counterpoint, dark/light, cool/warm, fast/slow, time/eternity.