Gesbert De Linea


Location: France

Her imagination is one with painting.
As a child, even before mastering the spoken word, she could discern the play of light, the rhythmic harmony of colour, and the depth of the material form. During one memorable summer, she discovered Bosch at the Prado and Picasso at Mougins, and her vision of art arose. This was a period of apprenticeship in art studios (Cannes, Dijon, Madrid) and here her use of oils and exploration in blue were at the forefront. This was followed by ten years of experimentations in sculpture, stained glass, photography, as well as image play on fullness and emptiness (vacuus)… Thus was born an instinctive and unique creativity, full of vigour and gaiety, and implacably free.Fragmented polychrome works such as Sevilla tell a whole when viewed in a particular dimension. They render visible an intrigue in fractal space.

The notebooks Transhumances
In 1990 she inaugurated her notebooks on art : ?What counts, is not the subject of the painting, but rather that painting itself be the subject of its spaces, its shapes, its colours, its contents, its own openings and submersions.?
During this period we see two separate, but complimentary, worlds developing, with works in polychrome and monochrome (blue) forms. First individual exhibition: Riviera gallery, Cannes, 1992. Further exhibitions were held in France and in Europe. Then Asia and America. A certain aesthetic asserts itself. One where art is taken to its heights with the image considered as the optimal stale of stability of the subject in a dynamic of pictorial forces. Vitality and fascination of the image (Li Fu, art critic).

The way of Gesbert’S blue
In 1997 she sets stall on Reunion. Her world is buttressed in blue. Images become more magical than visual. An explosion of creativity in fragmented works, frescos on canvas, and hybrid works (Angel trip, Serial picture…).
During this time the art theoretician, Eryx de la Clappe, creates a catalogue raisonné, writes an essay published in the monograph and yet in blue I draw (Océan Editions, December 2003), and manages to interview her many times.
?Painting is the deciphering of shapes, and pictorial beauty. A never ending adventure in the instant, where desires and fears revisited anew are better understood.?,1683.html


Escale en eau vive (encre de chine et acrylique sur papier, 52x150cm)

When I paint, I feel that I open a road, a purified path issues from the depths. It is a track of the trace. And out of this expressive sign that has been captured, I make a spontaneous picture, the destiny of which can only be guessed at. We are both linked

To draw a black curve on a canvas, is the dawn of legends.
notebooks Transhumances