Renate Schweizer

Renate Schweizer

Location: Germany

"Art is every single of my heartbeats"

Renate Schweizer is a free intermodal fine Eco artist.
Living and working within the arts since her childhood,

Art as an act of beauty, peace, and responsibility for the ecological footprint of the art.

2 dimentional works: material painting, mixed media,

3 dimentional work: installations, masks, sculptures

- national and international exhibitions and art-projects.

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eco art with used teabags

Since 2005 I use old used teabags from all over the world as my basic art-material.
In contemporary art and an visuell fine artist I have to be responsible for resources and health of the earth as the source of all nature and beings.
I am aware and responsible for my ecological footprint, and that's why I am working with old used material since my beginning art-life in my childhood, always creating new treasures out of old trash stuff. This Portfolio is showing the basic material from using old tried teabags

Coloured teabagsheets “Coloured teabagsheets”

That's how the teabagpapers look after opening the teabags and put out the teaplants

working with teabags “working with teabags”

Here I am working with the teabagpaper, creating a huge installation with 12500 single teabagpapersheets

12500 teabags “12500 teabags”

12500 teabags for the installation "Weltenbürgerdecke" at the exhibition "Wahlheimat", 2009, HfG | ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

Transformations “Transformations”

10 years ago I began the artproject, "Come to the dinner - an invitation to all religions and nations" and the "world-citizen blanket" with collected used tea bags as basic material .... What is the philosophical background of this artproject? How did it start? Who supplies the tea bags? Where is the artproject today ... "The beginning ... the way ... the development .. the current state ... Is art from tea bags art at all? ... make your own sense on the spot ..
Seit 10 Jahren "Kommt zu Tisch - eine Einladung an alle Religionen und Nationen" und die "Weltenbürgerdecke" aus gesammelten Teebeuteln.... Wie kam es dazu? Wer liefert die Teebeutel? Wo steht das Kunstprojekt heute ..." Der Anfang... der Weg... die Entwicklung.. der aktuelle Stand... Ist Kunst aus Teebeuteln überhaupt Kunst? ....

Weltenbürgerdecke “Weltenbürgerdecke”

"Weltenbürgerdecke" -Installation

Weltenbürgerdecke “Weltenbürgerdecke”

Part oft the installation "Weltenbürgerdecke" in the running exhibition "Akten und andere Hinterlassenschaften", Kunstverein Graz, Regensburg, Germany

my catched soul

catched souls “catched souls ”

dealing with the conlict of women in some parts of the world today

planets for mother earth

Sculptures made of old used teabags

a planet for mother earth “a planet for mother earth ”

sculpture made of old used teabags
size 120 x 80 X 80

a planet for mother earth “a planet for mother earth”

sculpture made of old used teabags
size: 120 x 60x60
year: 2016

a planet for mother earth “a planet for mother earth ”

material: old used teabags
size: 120 x 60x 60
year: 2016

InnerOut “InnerOut”

material: old used teabags
size: 120x 140x 120
year: 2016

InnerOut “InnerOut”

material: old used teabags
size: 120 x 80x 80
year: 2016


Medea and I “Medea and I ”

Installation with 13 masks and 1 body

Installationen im Raum

- "Weltenbürgerdecke"
- "Kommt zu Tisch - eine Einladung an alle Religionen und Nationen"
- "Der Tisch ist gedeckt"
- "WeltenBürgerWelt"

WeltenBürgerWelt “WeltenBürgerWelt”

Raum-Installation, Ausstellung "Werke der Nachhaltigkeit" Projektraum Group Global 3000, G3000, Berlin

WeltenBürgerWelt “WeltenBürgerWelt”

Installation im Raum, Group Global 3000, Berlin, 2017

Arts and sustainability- Material Paintings

"respect nature" art- transformations with material-reusing

Material Paintings- Media: eco-paper- and materialpainting Material: teabagpaper, plants, natural colour, broken seeds
year: 2019