my last home by Renate Schweizer

My last home" is dealing with existential questions that have not only arisen due to the spread of the corona virus and the imposed contact restrictions, curfews, "prohibitions on practicing" professional activity as an artist and art educator ln the last 2 years. Through the temporary withdrawal of her livelihood, she became existential confronted with the meaning of her being, the finiteness of her life and the questions "How do I want to die?" "

This resulted in the works "My Last Dwelling" and "My Bucket List". She works on her "Shroud" in progress. "Renate Schweizer is one of the "eco-artists of the first generation", Dr. Carola Muysers, art historian Berlin." "The climate crisis no longer allows a single felling of trees. Not even for coffins. The Free State of Bavaria has lifted the coffin obligation on AM 2021. Since then, burials may also be carried out in a shroud. As an artist in_responsibility, I would like to make a fair contribution to compliance with the 1.5°C limit even after my death and I want to be buried in my "shroud". But not in Bavaria" "My last dwelling" simultaneously addresses the increasing gentrification of homes and the loss of home that drive many people into homelessness and despair (to the point of suicide)....

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