Bert Koeck

bert koeck

Location: Belgium

bert koeck (°1971 – Brussels / Belgium). >"conceptual imaging" ,>"interdimensional datadating", --

> LUCA SCHOOL OF ARTS BRUSSELS (B) "designer" (1996, magna cum laude).> Earlier work domain: interior- /furniture-/ object design.
> lecturer / academic / docent " hands on"- design studios at "LUCA SCHOOL OF ARTS" (campus Sint-Lukas Brussels and Sint-Lucas Ghent (B). > Artistic knowledge + a fascination for techniques & experiment and a growing sense of abstraction, reflects in this self-evolving experiment.(site)

projects: see website:

All experimental work takes shape out of a "think process, not product"-point of view. "Process", encouraged by experiments concerning a wide scale of image capturing technics.(DIY-developed scanning devices, projectors, screens, drone, night vision device, laser body painting,... Keeping the "amateur-spirit" alive is extremely important! Exhibitions coming up : Hamburg(D), Monaco(MC), Antwerp(B), NY, Vancouver,... ---------------