Edgar Bonne

Edgar Bonne

Location: Australia

After graduating from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons) in painting and sculpture, I have exhibited in New York, Victoria, and South Australia. I am a practising artist whose main focus is abstract expressionism.
In my final year of study, I was the Winner of the Inaugural Art Purchase Prize awarded by the University of South Australia, Adelaide. My works are held in public and private collections.
I primarily paint in oil on canvas and have been influenced by the gestural marks of Wilhelm De Kooning, the spiritual work of Mark Rothko, the rhythms of Lee Krasner, the lines of Paul Kline and the passage of Paul Cezanne.
My primary subject matter deals with the human condition; how we perceive ourselves and how we fit into this world; physically and spiritually. I respond to such difficult themes and complex issues by interpreting and differentiating the conscious and unconscious. Depicting emotions is very complex; these emotional responses are explored through colours, texture, passage, and lines.
Looking back to iconic themes and subject matter, I decontextualises past historical and current events that resonate and have been significant, poignant, and meaningful in my life; I reinterpret them and place them in a modern context.
The works are abstract and deal with issues that affect everyone on a personal or impersonal level. These can be complex and disconcerting,
The subject matter is free of reference to the real world, the work is fluid and changes depending on mood and time.



The present body of work explores the external world through sensations and prevailing moods; it is an expression or parody of the landscape. The paintings are abstract, devoid of any forms, they are the essence of the journey developed inside the studio with no reference to the real visual world. They are only sensations; mere memories of places which are fleeting, transient and ephemeral.
My paintings are not landscapes as such. It would be erroneous to suggest or locate any semblance to reality as this would distract from the essence of my intentions. I have tried to obliterate any form that has any reference to nature. There are no trees or rocks or sea, I am trying to capture the mood of the moment about the journey. Form has been completely jettisoned although some might try and find meaning through these references, which is natural as a starting point.
The body of work is not referential. The colours and the composition work to convey feelings. It is an attempt to break away from conventions. The colours chosen are arbitrary but important for the overall compositions to work and achieve the desired goals I have set myself: to produce a better picture, a more sublime image, to understand and come to terms with my world which I am trying to paint. I am to achieve something lyrical and something of beauty. I am trying to replicate the notion of beauty without any cultural baggage but rather one that is natural and instinctive.


What is real?
The only thing that is tangible is the intangible which is locked inside the dark space within our sub-conscious and is conveyed in the work.
The new normal is thrust on us by the institutions with their set narratives. We do not have time to question what we are fed but we totally accept it unquestionably until it becomes the new norm. To question is to go against the grain and be ridiculed or shamed, so we become complicit in the lies.

Adoration of the magi “Adoration of the magi”

Oil on canvas
120 x 90 x 3.5cm

Resurrection “Resurrection”

Oil on Canvas
130 x 97 x 3.5cm

Last Supper “Last Supper”

Oil on canvas
98 x 85 x 3.5 cm

David and Goliath “David and Goliath”

Oil on canvas
98 x 74 x 3.5 cm

Death of Socrates “Death of Socrates”

Oil on canvas
98 x 86 x 3.5 cm