Chechlinski Tut Wojciech

Chechlinski Tut Wojciech

Location: Poland

I live because I want to paint, I paint because I want to live as like never before. Painting is the most complete form of sincerity that allow to save moments which are inexpressible in words. I communicate thanks to paintings, so too I think and feel. During these short moments when I am alone with canvas I become a lord of new reality, the main character of every time a new adventure. Art despite misunderstandings and deceptions, allows to express emotions in uninhibited way, stripped of appearances and roles that we hold in our everyday life. It has a power of transmission in time and space – once created image is like card in the log – intimate and forever linked with character. It is satisfaction, monument and hope.

Art, despite misunderstandings and frauds within it, can freely and openly express emotions, in a way which is deprived of semblances and roles that we play in everyday life. It has the power to move one’s in time and space. Once finished painting is like a card from diary – intimate and interrelated with its creator forever. It gives satisfaction and is the monument of hope. The recipient of art becomes an essential part of the painting: in my work, I give the viewer an opportunity to create his or her own ideas about the worlds I create, and to reach the truth I want to express both in a philosophical and aesthetic sense.

In my opinion, the artistic process, its means and methods, shall be always the question of an individual choice. The uniqueness of the whole process of creation is the most valuable feature; art gives the viewer a possibility to comprehend the artist’s thoughts and a chance to come to one’s own conclusions. Concurrently, the artist shares with the viewer his views about the world and life, his sense of himself and his philosophy. The artist creates a work of art that may impress and outrage at the same time, that may induce positive or negative connotations. Artistic creation, painting in particular, comes to us with an intellectual and aesthetic messages. Both penetrate into our consciousness by inducing specific emotional states that become the synthesis of the stories told by a painter – the stories which are often symbolic and summarized.

I paint for the sake of the creative process itself – in order to participate in this cycle – as if I lived a new adventure every day. There, everything depends on me, every line, every color applied. All depends on what I think and follow through. I am the master of the situation. Also, I can see the result relatively quickly, so I experience a great satisfaction if the intention has been implemented in accordance with an idea. Sometimes, the final result differs from the original purpose, which is an anticipated, thrilling surprise. Therefore, the same artistic process interests me as it gives me an impression of dominating the matter and of influencing the creation of a new reality.

The creative process is, above all, the manifestation of a boundless freedom, it is always a surprise and a discovery of one’s inner child. Painting allows expressing the emotions that we conceal in daily life or we don’t have an opportunity to explore. It is a synthetic way of talking about one’s experiences in a form of psychological and philosophical analysis achieved by detailed observation.

Faces are a common theme of my paintings and I don’t mean only portraits but also representations, where they express an external reality and human existence: our hopes, expectations, looking for the meaning of life, ideas and philosophy. These faces are indicators of not observable feelings and emotions – unique and subjective. Thus, I transmit into the image everything that I can see – this way I know that it is the subject to plastic changes due to life experiences. Faces are somewhat my obsession – thanks to them I scrutinize a variety of human personalities.

My painting has been often associated with Cubism and abstractionism. However, I never took inspiration directly from a specific artist. This specific way of picturing reality is close to my emotions. I think that this form and aesthetic functions well in relation to the content I would like to express. In my opinion, the term ‘abstractionism’ is quite misleading, because it is associated with something that in fact doesn’t exist and is an action aimed to have a purely aesthetic impact on the viewer.

How to describe fear? As a surprise, embarrassment, jealousy, envy or desire. To notice this, you have to use indicators and I employ this method in many of my paintings. I focus primarily on oneiric atmosphere. Sleep is concrete, produces very specific implications, despite the fact that usually it gives us only impressions of colors, shapes and form – this causes tension, causes fear or a feeling of satisfaction. Is it abstraction? No, in any case. This is a record of our feelings, emotions, stored in the form of a code that can be immediately deciphered, so it can have an effect on our real lives.

Painting is an emanation of freedom. There is no art without freedom and creativity. Creativity and innovation, seeking new ways of expression, formal and substantive ones are the characteristics of every true artist. To reach the new methods, ways to present particular problems and issues, to portray emotions, it is necessary to creatively experiment – and every artist has the right to do so. I would say even more, the artists should be seeking and should experiment. One must keep in mind, though, that not every experiment ends up with a success. In general, experiments often ends with a defeat, and only once in a thousand cases it can be concluded that the experiment was accomplished. This truth applies not only to artistic but also to scientific experimentations. Therefore, one must approach every experiment with a great dose of objectivity and humility.

Art should be an expression of freedom and innovation, where both the subject and the technique should aim to create a completely new quality. Despite the fact that my paintings are compared to cubist and abstract art, they are a form of a spontaneous life path recording.

My obsession are the human faces, which reflect our experiences like mirrors. I’m inspired by good, bad and what’s in between. I avoid details and I always look forward to the completion of a new painting.

True art lies behind the works that don’t leave us indifferent.


Tut portfolio

Country life “Country life”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm

Friends “Friends”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2014

Future “Future”

Oil on canvas, 81x116 cm , 2013

happiness after years “happiness after years”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2013

Parallel universe “Parallel universe”

Oil on canvas 79x63 cm 2013

Auditorium “Auditorium”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2016

Scoff “Scoff”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm ,2016

Escape from death “Escape from death”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm 2016

My place in the world “My place in the world”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2016

Meeting “Meeting”

Oil on canvas,70x100 cm, 2016

Dilemmas “Dilemmas”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2016

Totalitarianism “Totalitarianism”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2016

Career “Career”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2016

Laught through the tears “Laught through the tears”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2016

Halloween “Halloween”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2016

Librarian “Librarian”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2016

Napoleon “Napoleon”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2016

No future “No future”

Oil on canvas, 70x100cm, 2016

Last tunnel “Last tunnel”

Oil on canvas, 70x100 cm, 2016