! Sadhana Bruco

Sadhana Bruçó was born in Brazil and currently lives in Miami. Her artistic sensibility has been present since childhood when she sought to express her passion for creations through paintings on canvas and colors. She trained in fashion design and found in this field an enormous strength for expressing her art, which was molded through her experiences.

Sadhana is a contemporary artist who is exposed to the transformations of the world and wants to listen to her intuition. Therefore, she decided to give shape to her childhood dream and created a unique and attractive body of work based on her beliefs, experiences, and inspirations. In essence, the artist brings all her curriculum experience and life experiences into her works, exploring the interaction of colors, layers, textures, and forms. Sadhana approaches each piece uniquely, creating images that exhibit simple complexity and impress from a distance, but are rich in detail when viewed up close. Ultimately, the artist aims to address the complexity of being, of presence in the here and now, and therefore, through her abstract paintings, creates moments of tension and release, playing with rules and omissions, acceptance, and refusal.

She intends for this approach to create a space for contemplation, inviting viewers to explore their own sensations. Sadhana does not reference any particular form, and this first set of works is the result of her intention and inspiration, her openness to the wonders of being, here and now. Certainly, the quality of these works will remain infinitely fascinating and intriguing because they represent who we are in the face of worldly experiences and seek to recognize our essence as divine beings.


Sadhana Bruçó

Welcome to my art exhibition, where I present my abstract works in acrylic on canvas, with some pieces featuring the intercession of mixed media in charcoal, pastel, and spray.

My creations are divided into two collections, representing my experiences and visions of the world around me. In the first collection, the abstracts are composed of soft tones with layers in motion, representing my dreams and my connection to the spiritual world. These works bring much serenity and calm to those who contemplate them, conveying the tranquility I feel when in contact with the divine. Each canvas is a journey, a representation of my inner journey, seeking balance, harmony, and peace.

In my second collection, I bring my experiences and visions of the world I live in. In this series, I use many mixed media colors and high-contrast strokes that represent the intense emotions I feel when interacting with the world around me. Each piece is a unique portrait of my point of view, a reflection on the complexity of the world, its forms, and colors.

Each canvas presented in this exhibition is a unique expression of my abstract art, which is my form of communication and expression. I hope that by seeing my works, you are able to experience a bit of my perspective and find in them a moment of reflection and introspection. Thank you very much for being here and appreciating my art.

Maria “Maria ”

Maria (abstract painting on canvas)

This artwork is inspired by Maria, the mother of Jesus. The neutral tones of beige, white, brown, and gray in the painting refer to nature and inspire a serene and calming aura that captures the essence of her spirit.

In this painting, the complexity of this important feminine and sublime figure is worked through the combination of acrylic, charcoal and pastels that create unique layers, strokes, carefully designed to radiate calmness and serenity to the viewer.

Psalm “Psalm ”

Psalms is a stunning abstract painting created with acrylic paint on canvas, featuring a textured surface that adds depth and dimensionality to the artwork. The painting begins with a creamy base layer at the bottom, which gradually gives way to layers of gray and black, before culminating in several layers of white.
The artist's use of a textured surface on the canvas creates an organic and natural feel, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the artwork. The cream tones used in the bottom layer create a warm and inviting ambiance, while the gray and black tones that follow create a sense of mystery and depth.
The different layers of the painting seem to build upon each other, creating a sense of progression and evolution, much like the psalms of the bible themselves. The layers in white at the top of the painting symbolize the spiritual realm, giving the artwork a sense of transcendence and awe.
The name of the painting, Psalms, is fitting, as it is inspired by the biblical psalms that speak of faith, hope, and divine inspiration. The layers of the painting seem to evoke a similar sense of spiritual transcendence, as if the artwork itself is a prayer or meditation.
Overall, Psalms is a beautiful and thought-provoking abstract painting that combines texture, color, and symbolism in a powerful and evocative way. The creamy, gray, black, and white tones blend together seamlessly, creating a harmonious and balanced composition that is sure to inspire contemplation and reflection.

Message From Angels “Message From Angels ”

“Message from Angels" is a captivating piece of abstract art that features a beige background that exudes warmth and tranquility. Off to the side of the canvas, a small layer in black draws the viewer's attention, inviting them to contemplate the message that the artwork conveys. The layer is enigmatic, yet evocative, adding a sense of mystery and depth to the piece.
The second layer of the artwork is dominated by striking strokes of sky blue, adding an element of energy and movement to the composition. These strokes seem to swirl and dance across the canvas, creating a sense of fluidity and dynamism.
In the final layer, broad strokes of white paint add a sense of lightness and purity to the artwork. These strokes are bold and confident, radiating a sense of positivity and hope. The combination of the beige, black, sky blue, and white hues creates a harmonious and balanced palette that is both soothing and inspiring.
Overall, "Message from Angels" is a powerful piece of abstract art that speaks to the viewer's soul, inviting them to reflect on the deeper messages and meanings that lie beneath the surface. It is a stunning example of how color, form, and texture can come together to create an immersive and transformative visual experience.

Happy Day Two “Happy Day Two”

48 X 36 (inches)
1,20 x 91 ( meters )

The Boy “The Boy ”

“The Boy" is an acrylic painting on canvas that exudes a vibrant and lively energy. The painting is comprised of four distinct layers, each using a different bold color to express a different aspect of the subject. The first layer, painted in a bright and cheerful yellow, is a celebration of the youthful exuberance that characterizes the boy. The second layer, rendered in shades of warm orange, represents the boy's outgoing and adventurous nature. The third layer, using deep blue hues, evokes a sense of introspection and contemplation that is often characteristic of youth. Finally, the fourth layer, in vibrant green, embodies the boy's connection to the natural world and his deep appreciation of its beauty. Together, these layers create a dynamic and multi- faceted portrait of a complex and fascinating individual. "The Boy" is a celebration of the boundless potential of youth, a colorful and expressive tribute to the beauty and richness of life.

Super Mario “Super Mario ”

"Super Mario" is an abstract painting that captures the colorful, playful spirit of the 80s and the iconic video game that defined a generation. Created using a combination of acrylics and mixed media, the painting features a series of layers that bring to life the vibrant, dynamic world of Super Mario. The base layer is a riot of bright, bold colors, including shades of blue, red, green, yellow, and pink, that swirl together in a kaleidoscope of energy and movement. Above this, a layer of playful, whimsical shapes and patterns evoke the lighthearted, fantastical world of Super Mario, while a final layer of intricate black lines adds depth and complexity, drawing the viewer's eye into the painting and inviting them to explore its every detail. "Super Mario" is a tribute to the joyful, imaginative spirit of childhood and a celebration of the boundless creativity that is sparked by our favorite games and stories.

Totem Girl “Totem Girl ”

Totem Girl is a beautiful mixed media abstract artwork on canvas featuring a stunning array of colors in pink, light blue, yellow, and orange. The artwork also features a drawing of a female totem, representing the teenage years, and is inspired by the iconic Basquiat style.
The use of mixed media adds depth and texture to the artwork, creating a sense of movement and vibrancy. The bright colors of the painting evoke a sense of youthfulness and energy, while the drawing of the female totem adds a sense of meaning and symbolism to the piece.
The name of the artwork, Totem Girl, is fitting, as it captures the essence of the artwork and its themes. The Basquiat style adds a unique and edgy character to the artwork, making it a truly original and captivating piece.
Overall, Totem Girl is a stunning example of mixed media abstract art that combines vibrant colors, texture, and symbolism to create a powerful and thought-provoking piece. It is sure to inspire and captivate anyone who beholds