Sadhana Bruçó by Sadhana Bruco

Welcome to my art exhibition, where I present my abstract works in acrylic on canvas, with some pieces featuring the intercession of mixed media in charcoal, pastel, and spray.

My creations are divided into two collections, representing my experiences and visions of the world around me. In the first collection, the abstracts are composed of soft tones with layers in motion, representing my dreams and my connection to the spiritual world. These works bring much serenity and calm to those who contemplate them, conveying the tranquility I feel when in contact with the divine. Each canvas is a journey, a representation of my inner journey, seeking balance, harmony, and peace.

In my second collection, I bring my experiences and visions of the world I live in. In this series, I use many mixed media colors and high-contrast strokes that represent the intense emotions I feel when interacting with the world around me. Each piece is a unique portrait of my point of view, a reflection on the complexity of the world, its forms, and colors.

Each canvas presented in this exhibition is a unique expression of my abstract art, which is my form of communication and expression. I hope that by seeing my works, you are able to experience a bit of my perspective and find in them a moment of reflection and introspection. Thank you very much for being here and appreciating my art.

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