Tatyana Palchuk

tatyana palchuk

Location: Latvia

Tatjana born and raised in Latvia, on of Baltic States, capital city Riga
Latvia is small country on the coast of Baltic sea, next to Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania. It is former part of Soviet union and become independent again from occupation in 1990 during calm revolution. Western European culture and traditions has always dominated in Latvia. There are several well known artists in America, that have come from Latvia – Mark Rhotko, Vija Celmins, Gustav Klucis. Latvia is also famous for its opera artists, ballet dancer Barishnikov, singers Maija Kovalevska, Kristna Opolais and others.
Born 1954. December 6. in Riga.
Currently live in small town of Iecava near Riga in our private house. Place with decorative garden and workshop.
Being a lecturer of painting, drawing and composition I try to teach my students my professional skills of technique, drawing, composition and colour. Next is in the hands of time, where each genius is judged by time, spectators and specialists.
Most difficult part in my creative work life
I believe it is feeling, that I always paint old school, not modern way of today’s painting. I cannot follow trends of fashion and mainstream. Themes of my paintings are different. Was even more tuff when I was younger, many pillows left in tiers. Sometimes it is hard to be your self. But years passing and organically living that I have become mature and used to that.


Intelectual Artist from EU

The triumph of beauty
The contemporary art world is a rich world of malaise. A world in which we all try to do the artists, without understanding, however, that to make art, the real one, you must have talent; the talent that has Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane . An artist that testifies the beauty of our world. An artist that, in its magnificent narratives on canvas, it shows us that the figurative painting is not dead. The favorite subjects of the artist are horses, still lifes and women. Anyone who observes such works, is projected into a new Paradise, dominated by the eternal and sublime beauty. The colors that the artist chooses are very warms. With great stylistic skill Tatjana alternates areas of light with the shadows areas. The technique of chiaroscuro is evident. The great merit of the painter, is to be able to dominate the light. Her figures are angelic. Her women become true and own goddesses that rides on horses of light or find themselves having to communicate artistically with peacocks of a stylish appearance. Real melodies. I want to define these splendid works so. Real melodies signical and chromatic, which the artist decides to "play" for us through her brush. Those that the artist creates, are genuine visual poems. Sweet poems to listen and to learn, absolutely, by memory.

Salvatore Russo - Italy ,art critic -scientist

The works of Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane , are works intended to remain in the history; works that our children, are going to study at school and remember for eternity. Rarely, I have met along my path, an artist with such a representative refinement and elegance. The artist embroiders the most beautiful dress of contemporary art. She embroiders it through the beauty of form and harmony of the colors. There are many years now that I follow the creative path of the artist, but I have to say that every time I am amazed. The works of Tatjana are golden dreams. Her art is a real triumph of beauty. A beauty that should be savored like the madeleine of Marcel Proust: in order to rediscover that lost time; the time that is related to the beauty of the remembrance. Works, those of Palcuka-Rikane , which brings us back in time; at that time in which dominates the harmony; at that time, free of envy, the malaise and the injustice of man. Works able to conquer our eyes and the attention of the harshest critic too. These are works to observe with eyes open, then close them, and let yourself be transported in the beautiful atmosphere that the artist paints. The observer is thus, in a new Eden. An art, which leaves every shadow linked to the malaise of a sign, and arrives to draw the beauty of the world in which we live. The artist does not need to use linguistic shortcuts linked to silly intellectualism devoid of meaning; but tracks real masterpieces of light: angelic figures able to remain in the collective memory. With great cultural realism I can say that Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane , is an amazing artist and extremely refined; an artist beloved by those who know contemporary art.
Salvatore Russo

Evening Time “Evening Time”

Tatyana_Palchuk Evening time (Life Circle) 160x210.1984.

Jazz “Jazz”

Tatjana_Palchuk,“Jazz"100x110cm.2000.oil on canvas
Painting birth is incentive Love to music.
Jazz - nearest to abstract painting, free improvisation.
Jazz - it's at first black and white and then painted with all possible radiant colors.
Vibrated music on a dark background and parts of the instruments dancing in the space.
It's all a restless and disturbing envirnoment but there is no hostility.
Jazz music is beautiful, extravagant, free.
Swallow - it is jazzman, a musician with the tailcoat.
Ekstravagance symbols - gloves, butterfly, flickering, bright colors. Sung by a girl or a boy - not important, undetectable.
Artist from idea to realization of painting took about one year.

Still Life with Magpie “Still Life with Magpie”

Still Life with Magpie ,Tatyana Palchuk,2014,oil on canvas,60x80.
Cold morning ... painter worked .... but then need a cup coffee .... Curious magpie saw it .... decided to explore ..... but then, after artist's request, pose a little bit .... and artist created alive "Still life"

Morning, flashing light, maybe a little bit of ice, wales autumn.
Artist show, the common link with nature.
Draperies, allusions to the Renaissance Art.
Everything is so surreal and real
Realising time obo 2 months

Still Life with Coral “Still Life with Coral”

Still Life with Coral 70x60,2014,oil on canvas
Sea, ocean symbolic portrayed. All things on the picture are from water world or related to it. Background + Draperies symbolizes water waves, flashing mother of pearl, mist over the ocean. Water jug - to catch the ocean. Coral branch - stark beauty.
Drapes - show artist love to the early Italian Renaissance. It is seen in many Tatyana's paintings.
Lizard - fast water runner, snail - slower water movement (small joke or opposite fact)
Of course - love for all the living world
Painting "Still Life with Coral" idea is the total for the whole series of paintings "Still Life"
This is reflect the world, things of beauty, unity, love for this world.
The whole of the world, reciprocal links. Elegant composition and colour music...

Painting impressed story of red coral sprig of Japanese young man dived into the sea , to give his lovely girl. Under water he see a bright light flare above the water. When he emerged from the ocean, atom bombings had happened, and the girl was no longer. It remained the only coral sprig.
Sad story, is the author of Japanese writer, author Tatyana not remembered.
Ready-made painting artist -"launches to world", and painting start his life, everyone can interpret it , what he sees in the painting.
Tatyana's paintings shows , that thousands of years ago, people felt and realized that you can not separate the life from inanimate nature that people do not center of the world, but one small molecule joint-space, possibly with the microcosmos themselves.
She shows that the whole world is connected to a million invisible and visible threads.
Tatyana's paintings no such stark "Still Life ', here lives a small and parallel largest living creatures, insects , and "no live " objects.
It all moves, live and do not know - they explore someone researcher .
Beliefs and ancient stories show us , at all times have been assigned great attention and importance to everything around us.
Every stone, every color, animals, in the our world has its own meaning and symbol for thousands of years.
Beholder can not be explained, but instead with the heart feel that Tatyana paintings everything is harmoniously and does not contradiction, hatred and conflict, what now in art environment is mainstream .
Perhaps this is why, precisely in the her painting, to considered as something new and trendy.
Each painting viewer,in her painting found something of its own, but certainly ethically high quality with the + sign.
Only in exhibited in cardboard boxes requires a long and extensive explanations, because otherwise there than not, and can not be. True, the High Level art,not ask for it.
Painting realized in 6 months.

French Horn “French Horn”

Tatjana_Palchuk . French Horn .70x100cm.2008.oil on canvas
„ French Horn „series Music 70x100cm weight2.37kg depth 2,8cm

Our life is a theater. Hunting - that is one scene from this theater. Horn music, an indispensable part of the Hunting performance attribute. Stage (our life stage ) in the painting space pass to real-life space. Echo sounding above all else, smells in the air, indistinguishable sounds. This is a realistic and unrealistic symphony and you can feel it.
The spaces are connected and does not have a specific border. One space transformed into the second, third plan.
Symbols - everything you see represents the world of unity, indivisibility.
Animals are not victims but this show participants.
Front, static figure, underline the medium and rear plan, dynamism.
The background can be perceived as a separate picture.
All types of movements incentive - horn sounds.
Wolf - friend and musician guard
Squirrel to trust people who turn their guardian.
This is not a genuine hunt, everyone listens to Play Hunting and horn sounds.
Painting realising time from idea to finalized work - Two years (!!)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa7QizkZVAQ 3.08 min
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMxYJ7Ang2I 1.33 min
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6SYZn9S9no 1.19 min
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICOVL25UtCU 6.58 min
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpIZSLa02JU 0.29 ,6.40 min
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7-rnsOTlXE 0.18 min

Still Life with Chineese Tea Pot “Still Life with Chineese Tea Pot”

„Still Life with Chineese Tea Pot” series Little Things World 35x40cm Weight0,6kg depth2,8cm
Generally, white, simple geometric shapes - like a backbone for the whole world. This is the basis for drawing training and art in general.
In this case - it is a simple contrast between the simple geometric things, exquisite Chinese Teapot, further more subtle alive butterfly.
It all ties together with ancient Indians also ancient Greeks, a philosophical symbol thread ,floss, drawstring. (Tatyana much used in his paintings, symbolic things tying.)
It is a symbol of everything animate and inanimate, in relation world.

Sophisticated, complex, switch to simplicity and vice versa.

Paintings realisation time 3 months

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mpk52U2CQgc 1.29 min
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6SYZn9S9no 2.04 min


LUCAS ( II) , 64 x 70.2016.oil on canvas
From 2014-2016 series Polyptych 121 painting "Anthem to Creativity".
St.Lucas like a young artist Raphael made in stone like a sculpture after many years in the Civilisation memories....

Impulse “Impulse”

IMPULSE. 78 x 100cm .2015.oil on canvas
From 2014-2016 series Polyptych 12+ 1 painting "Anthem to Creativity".
One flash , impulse of light and disturbed symbols ob life is born ...trouble,light , gold and one white , central bird , maybe Messige....

Snowfall “Snowfall”

Tatjana_Palchuk-“Snowfall”(Sniegs)60x80cm .2012.oil on canvas
Classic Landscape ,with women in red ,walking , like an little accent in gray winter day...And birds.
Silent , peace.

.Black.From series Rainbow “.Black.From series Rainbow”

.Black. From series Rainbow. 2018. 63 x 84 . oil on canvas
New Still Life from 9 paintings series "Rainbow