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The triumph of beauty
The contemporary art world is a rich world of malaise. A world in which we all try to do the artists, without understanding, however, that to make art, the real one, you must have talent; the talent that has Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane . An artist that testifies the beauty of our world. An artist that, in its magnificent narratives on canvas, it shows us that the figurative painting is not dead. The favorite subjects of the artist are horses, still lifes and women. Anyone who observes such works, is projected into a new Paradise, dominated by the eternal and sublime beauty. The colors that the artist chooses are very warms. With great stylistic skill Tatjana alternates areas of light with the shadows areas. The technique of chiaroscuro is evident. The great merit of the painter, is to be able to dominate the light. Her figures are angelic. Her women become true and own goddesses that rides on horses of light or find themselves having to communicate artistically with peacocks of a stylish appearance. Real melodies. I want to define these splendid works so. Real melodies signical and chromatic, which the artist decides to "play" for us through her brush. Those that the artist creates, are genuine visual poems. Sweet poems to listen and to learn, absolutely, by memory.

Salvatore Russo - Italy ,art critic -scientist

The works of Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane , are works intended to remain in the history; works that our children, are going to study at school and remember for eternity. Rarely, I have met along my path, an artist with such a representative refinement and elegance. The artist embroiders the most beautiful dress of contemporary art. She embroiders it through the beauty of form and harmony of the colors. There are many years now that I follow the creative path of the artist, but I have to say that every time I am amazed. The works of Tatjana are golden dreams. Her art is a real triumph of beauty. A beauty that should be savored like the madeleine of Marcel Proust: in order to rediscover that lost time; the time that is related to the beauty of the remembrance. Works, those of Palcuka-Rikane , which brings us back in time; at that time in which dominates the harmony; at that time, free of envy, the malaise and the injustice of man. Works able to conquer our eyes and the attention of the harshest critic too. These are works to observe with eyes open, then close them, and let yourself be transported in the beautiful atmosphere that the artist paints. The observer is thus, in a new Eden. An art, which leaves every shadow linked to the malaise of a sign, and arrives to draw the beauty of the world in which we live. The artist does not need to use linguistic shortcuts linked to silly intellectualism devoid of meaning; but tracks real masterpieces of light: angelic figures able to remain in the collective memory. With great cultural realism I can say that Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane , is an amazing artist and extremely refined; an artist beloved by those who know contemporary art.
Salvatore Russo

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