Winners of the 3rd Contest

First Place Winner
“Heads Up!” - Artist Jim Otis  
Second Place Winner
“Remarkable Rocks” - Artist Julie Fletcher
Third Place Winner
“Two Flowers” - Artist Rachel Tribble 

Honorable Mention to (in AB order)

 Alberto Bertoldi “verso i giganti”          Alfredo De Curtis “Lovers”

Amit Bar “Golden girl” Arthur B. Liu                Duet”

Arturo Samaniego “Surfacing”    barbara simonson “Spanish Masks”

bert liverance “Fire” Betty Harper “Sounds On Royal Street”

Carla Jesus (Euronimia) “Carotenoid Complex” Carla Mascaro “Through The Glass”

Carmen Kroese “Portrait” Carmen Renieri “Diana”

Carola Paschold “Summer Feeling ok” Catherine Blackburn “Berthe sur scène”

Charles Dey “Rainwalk”  Chen Wei Seng “Bull race”

Chrys Roboras “Feel the silence”  Claudia Samper “Passing by...”

David McLeod But Where Am I To Look?  Diana W. Tripp “The Colors of Colorado”

Donald Bruce Wright “Dialog - Relentless” Donna Bonin “Cave Creatures”

Dr. Akira TAKAUE “Acknowledgment CANTHO” Dustin Farnsworth “I am Man: Cog”

edin chavez “You Found Me” ELUARD DOBAL “Preciosa”

Filiz Taylor “gypsy look” Galina Sobol “Happy girl with camomile”


Jacky Berting “All we are is sleeping babies, “Jean Messner “image3”

Jolante Hesse “Twenty One” julie “Johnnie's Bedroom”              and  “Self Portrait”

Larry R. Rankin “Rock 'N' Roll” Laura Victore “Lifting Crops”

Malcolm Brown “Leopards and Ram” Marcel Franquelin “Night”

Massimo Margagnoni “Glacier sunset, Jökulsárlón - Glacier Lagoon” Max Sauco “Snowballs”

Michael Dumas               “Trade Goods ” Michelle D. Ferrera “Reaching Out”

Mika “Maternity”  N Paluszak “Crescent Moon Bay”

Neroda Yuri “Two”  Noushin Ourmazd “Last supper”

Ondrej Rudavsky “Back to the animal instincts #1” Pam Earleywine          “Grace”

patricia peters “Split Lady” Paula Laflamme “Pleasures Or Nature In The Raw

Paula Peacock “Coming Out” Pegi Smith “Once Upon a Time”

Petronella van den Berg “Strenght  Qi He “Red Sea Crossing”

Quintus “Sea Dreams” R. Geoffrey Blackburn “Indian Summer”

Rainer Augur “blue lagoon” Raymond Rains “Captured Copper”

Renee Paul “Cholita a new filly Andrea Pottyondy “Dhavari: The Used, Refused and Recycled” Richard M Abarno “Rt.66 West” Richard R. Alm “Reflect on This # 2”

Riley Greg C. “ 2013 Open vessel series"Black Ice 1 "” Robin Antar “Jacket”

Robin Woodward-Entry “Google Girl” rohn meijer “best girlfriends”

ROSA OLIVO “EMOCIONES DEPORTIVAS” Rose-Marie Goodwin “Eternal Pedernal”

Salko Yury “Judith” Siclari Francesco “Dalla Chiesa di Sanra Maria Magggiore-Avigliana 
Bruce Tatman
“Tom Coughlin” Silvana LaCreta Ravena “Ball 2 - Carnival Party”

Sky Black “Leaving” Therese Boisclair “Field of Poppies”

Victor Bregeda “Romancing The Rose” Walt Peterson “Michael Phelps One”

Xavier Payne “Elephant” YURIKO HIROSE  "asian_energy1”

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