Jennifer Kilner


Pour Paintings

This portfolio is of my pour paintings. I like to use an array of colors including metallics. My art is also very textured, some by cracking, some with gemstones, rocks and/or glitter and some with the power of foil. They also include either a resin over the top or are made with a glossy pouring medium to make them shine.

Map of the Dragons “Map of the Dragons”

This is a pour painting covered in a gloss varnish and glided with copper and silver foil flakes. The colors used in this painting were white, green, blue, purple, and coral.

Copper Rain “Copper Rain ”

Metallic black with white and grey streaks and cells. Covered in a gloss varnish, with copper foil flakes garnering the sides and middle. This painting is on a 20x10 canvas.

Beach 3 “Beach 3 ”

This pour painting was done with 4 different colors of blue; midnight blue, royal blue, turquoise, cyan. There's some white mixed in with the cyan to represent the foam of the waves coming up onto the shore which was done in raw umber and ochre. There is colored glitter mixed in with the paint to make it sparkle. This painting was done on a 20x16 canvas.

Pink Crystals “Pink Crystals”

Acrylic pour painting done on a 20x16 canvas.
This is a very textured painting. Made with blue glitter and broken fo-crystals. I used turquoise, pink, blue, yellow, purple and white paint. This painting was finished with a gloss varnish.