collagraph by Gudrun Alvebro

When I paint, whether it is oil painting or collography, I try to find my way back to the joy and spontaneity I had as a child. I ask myself: What is it that I want to express from within?
I try to find that inner flow. Like the children that paints with no pretension, I try to make way for the picture that freely emerges. During my creative process I also get my inspiration from listening to music.

I chose oil painting because it dries slowly. I can process it with brushes, scrapes or cotton cloths for days. After a while I can even start over with the creative process and elaborate on the painting, until I feel that it corresponds well with my inner feeling, and what I want to convey. I work a lot with the existential questions in my art. A painting can be och become a prayer.

During the process, a name often comes up, but it is sometimes changed in the end since it does not correspond well with the finished painting. I like to give my painting names that are unclear and let the viewer ponder for him- or herself. Sometimes the painting poses a question, like the name ”Longer can feed the thought… Should I stop for a break?” I also want for people to be able to hang my paintings on their wall, enjoy it and discover it little by little.

I want my paintings to convey a little bit of naivism to create space for the viewer, and let them meet something that is not perfect. I want to convey hope and good thoughts to the viewer – that there is not always a clear cut answer, but there is always a way.

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