To see it my way by KiKi Kaye

KiKi Kaye Bio

KiKi Kaye is a German Artist who was born in Shanghai, China. She has lived, studied and exhibited in many places including Monte Carlo, Monaco; Düsseldorf, Germany; Scottsdale, Arizona and extensively in Mexico. She began her study of art in 1976, receiving a blue ribbon Art Award from the Instruction School of Minneapolis. She has also been mentored by many international artists such as Jim Strong, Lu Bellamak (USA), Theresa Pasini (France), and Ernest Bruzek (Austria).

Selected Exhibitions:
2013 Solo Exhibition, Ceres Gallery, NYC, NY

2012 Biennial September 2012 Art Award, Chianciano Art Museum,
Chianciano, Italy
Group Exhibition, Galleria Dante, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2012 Group Show, Ceres Gallery, NYC
2011 Group Show, Ceres Gallery, NYC
2012 - 2011 Galleria Dante, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2012 Arrival and Departure, JFK Airport, NYC, NY.
2010 Arrival and Departure, Puerto Vallarta Airport, Mexico
2009 Solo show, Quadro Galleria, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
2008 Solo Show, the Cultural Center, Ajijic, Mexico

2008 Group Show, Gallery Casa Rombo, Guadalajara, Mexico.
1992 L’Exposition Internationals de Genes, Switzerland. (awarded the blue ribbon)
Group Show, Galleria Rocher, France
Group Show, Galleria d’Art Monte Carlo, Monaco
*KiKi also shows her art in the Animal Shelter Art Gallery A.C.
Her work is regularly on display. Chapala, Mexico

KiKi Kaye’s work has been shown in numerous publications including the book “International Contemporary Masters” and the Artist Advocate Magazine where she was selected for the cover of the winter edition 2009.

Gallery Representation
The virtual Gallery of Hay Hill Gallery on Cork Street in London.

Ceres Gallery. 547 West 27th Street, Suite #201
New York, NY 10001

KiKi Kaye

My Statement:

I am primarily interested in blurring boundaries between two dimensional and three dimensional form while symbolically marrying the organic to the inorganic. My exuberant palette and reflective materials are integrally tied to my content about human potential, technology and our collective future. Circuit boards ignite ecstatic color fields of paint, cast feet stabilize crowds, and serene, introspective women connect to shiny cyber-ware in symbiotic relationships. With my work both people and electronic equipment bask in the glow of harmony where human dynamism and our technological triumphs reveal what we can be.

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