posted by Brenda Patricia Rodriguez Fernandez

"My creative process is a collaboration with nature. When materials react or as they are drying, it is the elements of temperature, space, time, humidity, and wind that determine how a piece will be transformed. This collaboration is a continuous process: if the day is hot; if my materials react in a particular way; if I use pigments; if it is windy, there will be a gap in the canvas. I use organic materials: natural pigments, different textures, marble dust, sand, flax oil, and paints that I create. Crucially, fabric occupies the main space. I believe we often forget the important role played by both the easel and the canvas. In my work, the weave of the fabric always plays a fundamental role."

Here and now



posted by Yaryna Yuryk

ART LAB: FOR THE CHILDREN OF UKRAINE Artists lead the way bringing beauty and kindness into the world. Sammoun Fine Arts artists are united in their support of the children of Ukraine giving their proceeds to the UNICEF Canada Fund. Miracle of Life by Ukrainian artist Yaryna Yuryk — An original painting created from the memories of her native Ukrainian homeland., proceeds going to the children of Ukraine through UNICEF. Champ de ble by Samir Sammoun — An original oil on canvas of a beautiful blue sky over the wheat fields of Ukraine, reflecting an image of hope and renewal., proceeds will also go to the children of Ukraine through UNICEF.

Art Expo New - York 2024



posted by Shoshana Lock

mother nature the giver of life, the flowers and the bees

flower fairy



posted by patrick Joosten

Contemplating this work, one feels a deep connection with the universe, a celebration of life and diversity. It is an invitation to delve into abstraction, to explore the depths of the human soul through the universal language of colors. Original artwork signed P. Joosten at the front and the back. Acrylic on canvas, dimensions 140 x 90 x 4 cm. Sold with invoice and certificate of authenticity. Delivered with a white wooden frame. 2024 – March 27th




posted by Aiko

Along the banks of the river where melting snow flows, cherry blossoms are blooming, heralding the arrival of spring