Natalia Jezova

Natalia Jezova is a Russian-born artist who lives in London. She communicates through a wide variety of media, including photography, film and installation. Natalia’s art, which has been exhibited internationally, addresses cultural memory, identity and gender issues.
The main theme explored in her work is the ephemeral nature of things and how the mediation of various objects may carry and evoke different meanings, testimonies and memories for the spectator. Her natural curiosity, interest and knowledge of art history, coupled with the use of certain objects from Natalia’s private collection of antique costumes, accessories and armour, have served as an inspiration in the development of her ideas.

Natalia particularly admires Old Master paintings. She is fascinated by their unsurpassed technical qualities, their mysterious representation of dramatic light and their masterful use of composition. However, she appreciates not only their technical skill but also their incredible ability to convey to a viewer the subtext of the picture hidden behind the symbolic meanings of colours and details - how the artists employed a complex visual system to assign a symbolic value to everyday objects, in a sort of visual shorthand for lengthier moral concepts and narratives. After all, many Renaissance masterpieces, with their unique placement of objects and use of distinctive colour palettes, are coded ‘books’ filled with secrets and hints. You just need to know the ciphers for these codes to understand what their author wanted to convey. As Natalia says: “What could be more enchanting than a mystery? I suppose, only the love for the mystery and the quest which one embarks on in trying to solve it.”

Natalia creates portraits and still lifes that evoke Renaissance painting. She mixes classical and modern aspects, both in costumes and atmosphere, and her artworks are multi-layered, containing their own little secrets that viewers are invited to discover.

She is currently undertaking a Professional Doctorate in Fine Art at the University of East London.


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