Rosana Elisabeth De Montfort



Her paintings have been described as "works of a visionary". As a Neo-Surrealist, she managed to fascinate art collectors across the globe. Being a skeptical dreamer, she focuses on an explanation of biblical events from an angle of an individual, who is sensing a global change and finds a new spiritual way to the higher authority. She creates visions not of this world, where birth and destruction go hand in hand with contradiction and fantasy.

Creation styles

Rosana's primary focus is not the correctness of prospective, or the true likeness of objects. It is the message her paintings and drawings are meant to transmit. This is the reason why she never limits herself to the technique, handwriting, period style or colour scheme. She can paint like an old 17th century artist, or create absolutely modern artworks with accidental splashes and blobs. Sometimes she likes to paint surreal things in a very realistic manner and in reverse the real, often very technical objects, are made with quick dynamic spatula strokes.

The media she uses for her paintings are mostly canvas, acrylic, oil paints, synthetics, sands and plaster, varnishes and pencils. She likes modern vivid abstractions, but also chiaroscuro. Her paintings represent the Neo-Surrealist era, where she can utilize all of her skills at once.

Development, idols and mentors

Filling the world around her with images and shaping it to satisfy her gently narcissistic nature began at an early age. She painted 3D pictures at the age of 4, then had her first public appearances at the age of 6, drawing buildings in the town's square. By the age of 14 she has filled her home with paintings and sculptures. Having both very artistic parents, she has spent her childhood among the best of the Czech cultural and creative society including her mentors and teachers: Karel Žaluda, Jiří (Giorgio) Stejskal, Věra Boudníková-Špánová, David LLoyd, Jaroslav Domiter. She is mesmerized by the works of Cesar Santos, Steven DaLuz, Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dalí, Peter Paul Rubens and others.


Permanent life abroad since 1991 has offered a wide variety of possibilities where her style of creation has found fertile soil. The collection of her art can be found in private collections, but also in business and corporate premises in many EU countries.

It was in the UK that she managed to maintain a stable client base and at the same time develop her style with several new modern techniques and media. It was a 3D art, street art, graffiti and music production for British TV channels like Channel U, BBC Channel 4 and Lion TV, where she met her crowd in the creative heart of London. She had participated in exhibitions and opportunities for artistic production, as well as offers for creative positions in the music industry.

Workshops and success

The two main workshops are in the UK and the Czech Republic, where she stores the majority of her latest works due to the vast space in the recently restored 18th century countryside estate. She also participates in a variety of charity projects in Europe and also across the US, which has earnt her awards by City Councillors and the White House.

Her latest series called "REVELATIONS" offers a glimpse into her imagination of the future.

(By Edward Charles Marsh, London 2018)



Creations between 2015 and 2019

05.10.2020 “05.10.2020”

As a result of my skeptical view of humanity and the increasing freedom of unfiltered information I have painted an event "05.10.2020". I have no particular reason why this date, it just mathematically appealed to me.

Viewers of this painting have contradictory and perhaps very intense emotions such as: fear, destruction, inevitability but also freedom, final solution and liberation

Connected “Connected”

Internet of things (OIT) is long here. What is the next step? IOL- Internet of Life. It is a state where every human is connected to the Central Brain System and does not need to listen to the basic instincts of evolutionary process. Life becomes somehow comfortable, secure, self-explanatory.....why are we so sad then?

Dive Diva “Dive Diva”

Story of inner happening reflected in woman's face, who has given up on fight for her life after a flood event.

Split City “Split City”

"The Big One" is an earthquake scientists anticipate at any time. The St. Andreas Fault has not moved much for past few years and the natural tectonic subsidence has been prevented. For now we hope the Big One never comes.....One is sure though....It is on its way, as the geological movements cannot be stopped.

Space Cherry “Space Cherry”

The image of a fruit resistant to freezing conditions in outer space, perhaps on another planet. I am often thinking about the humanity's attempt to colonise the space and how Elon Musk thinks this is our only chance of survival as a species....He wants to send his red car in? Ive got my red cherries there already.

Shower Time “Shower Time”

The singularity event can happen many ways. This is one of them. And when it stands before you there is nothing else one can do, just sit back and enjoy the view. Just do yourself a favour and don't take a deep breath.