Golié Miamee

Golie Miamee is a traveler who loves to photograph and capture her journeys. She was born in Michigan and traveled overseas for the first time when she was less than 1 month old. With a background in Graphic Design, Computer Science and Visual Arts, Miamee switched her focus to photography ten years ago.

Golie considers herself a visual artist, rather than a traditional photographer, who uses a photograph as her canvas and digital editing as the main medium. She strives to let her audience see the world as she sees it through my lens where every photo becomes a timeless capture of that specific scene. Intrigued by the world, her love for photography, and passion for travel, have together allowed her to capture memorable moments of nature, people, places, art, culture and much more. Golie sees every photograph as an image that can come to life; and hopes that each one gives her viewers the same bliss and enjoyment as it does for her. She ventures to expand her work by adding more destinations from around the world while developing new media techniques.


2014 Travel Series

All images in this series were taken during 2014 world travels. All images are on gallery grade mediums including Acrylic, Aluminum and brushed aluminum made in Germany

Abhaya Mudra “Abhaya Mudra”

Original Digital Photo on Brushed Aluminum

Photo taken in Thailand | 2014

30 x 72 in (76 x 182 cm)

Abhaya mudra, the energy of no fear. The gesture of reassurance and safety, which dispels fear and accords divine protection, bliss, peace and a sense of strong, deep inner security.

A powerful feng shui decor when placed at the main entrance of a home or the living room.

Bhumisparsa Buddha “Bhumisparsa Buddha”

Original Digital Photo on Brushed Aluminum

Photo taken in Thailand | 2014

60 x 40 in (152 x 101 cm)

Touching the Earth, or calling the earth to witness the truth. Depicted with his left hand resting on the lap, palm faces up. His right palm faces down while resting on the right knee, and fingers touching the ground, pedestal or throne. Represents stability, enlightenment, and the realization of truth. Illustrating the story of Buddha calling the earth as his witness for testifying to his attainment of perfect knowledge and enlightenment. This mudra indicates the moment when he ceased to be a Bodhisattva and become Buddha.

Best feng shui placement: Center of your home, main entrance or altar.

Mitreya Buddhas “Mitreya Buddhas”

Original Digital Photo behind Acrylic Glass

Photo taken in Thailand | 2014

47 x 60 in (119 x 152 cm)

A successor to the present Buddha. Maitreya is a bodhisattva who will appear on Earth in the future, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure dharma.

Dark & Beautiful “Dark & Beautiful”

Original Digital Photo on Brushed Aluminum

Photo taken in Milan, Italy | 2014

47 x 70 in (120 x 178 cm)

Dark sense of an end
Beautiful sense of possible hope

Dark for his departure
Beautiful for his hesitation

Dark in her plea to stay
Beautiful for her devotion

Darkness if he leaves
Beauty in his submission

Reflection of Our Thoughts “Reflection of Our Thoughts”

Original Digital Photo on Brushed Aluminum

Photo taken in New York | 2013

45 x 45 in (114 x 114 cm)

Our thoughts... We think them, dwell on them, cherish them. Contemplate them, share them, project them. Wear them until they define us in the same way we define ourselves, physically through our choice of fashion. It’s how others see us.

Mengoni Tribute “Mengoni Tribute”

Original Digital Photo behind Acrylic Glass

Photo taken in Milan, Italy | 2014

48 x 32 in (122 x 81 cm)

Piazza Del Duomo. Cathedral Square of Milan. A timeless capture of Milan’s most iconic location from an architectural, artistic, cultural, and social point of view since the 14th century.

Lal Quila “Lal Quila”

Original Digital Photo behind Acrylic Glass

Photo taken in Agra, India | 2014

37 x 71 in (94 x 180 cm)

Taken in Agra, the city of everlasting love, jewels and beauty. A red room in the ancient walled city, beautifully ornamented with details composed of red sandstone. The stone of creativity, which helps build and strengthens the cohesiveness and solidarity within relationships. Encourages truth and promotes clarity in thought and sight. To enter this room, will bring love, devotion and endless passion.

A Week of Buddha “A Week of Buddha”

(set of 3 panels)
Original Digital Photo on Brushed Aluminum

Photos taken in Thailand | 2014

25 x 60 in (63 x 152 cm) each panel

Monday Buddha
The abhaya mudra stands with his right hand raised to shoulder height, palm out and fingers extended. Born on this day: You are serious with a good memory and a love of travel, likely to be in a skilled occupation whose lucky day is Saturday and lucky color is black.

Friday Buddha
The Contemplating Buddha stands with both arms crossed over his chest, the right hand covering the left. Born on this day: You are fun loving, friendly and ambitious. Your lucky day is Tuesday and your lucky color is pink.