David Lsd Ellis


Photography Portfolio

Cityscape Night time “Cityscape Night time ”

This picture was taken at Key Biscayne Florida. It was a night time long exposure shot of Downtown Miami. The water was very calm & the summer night time breeze was very faint, but it felt good. Everything was so quiet & I noticed that the daytime bustling city at night time is quiet. The office building lights reminded me of the stars in the sky. But what really stood out to me, was that it was so quiet. Just across the bay was a city that was virtually silent. But when morning comes, that same quiet city would turn into a busy, fast loud mecca.

Forest Bench “Forest Bench”

This picture was taken at the Fairchild Gardens in Coral Gables. This bench blended in with the beautiful leaves that were on the forest floor. It was so peaceful there, no artificial noises. Nature provided the soundtrack. I browsed the layers of the forest. I sat on the bench and realized the wonder of nature. I closed my eyes, listened to the universe & my mind wondered into a calm that only this amazing setting could provide.
Find a place where U can escape the invasive clutches of the busy world. It can be your garden, a tree, the beach, or a simple park bench. Your personal refuge can be anywhere. Find it & use it as much as possible.

Hand of God “Hand of God”

This picture was taken during Art Basel in Wynwood Miami. A female model was being painted on as she did various poses. She was completely dedicated as they painted her from head to toe. She actually blended in with the painted cloth canvas that was behind her. She changed poses every 2-3 minutes, even while the artist painted her hair. What caught my attention about this model was her sensual beauty. Beauty knows no color, no race, no language, or wealth. It is natural, inspiring & sometimes spiritual. I saw that when I took this picture & I’m reminded of the beauty, power & grace women posses in this world.

Pelicans Flying by the beach “Pelicans Flying by the beach ”

This picture was taken at Hollywood Beach at 7am. It had just rained & the clouds joined forces with the Sun to allow me to see this beautiful sight. A group of Pelicans were flying by just skimming the water. They headed out in the morning as a team, then venture off individually to hunt. At the end of the day, they come back home together as a team! Never letting one in the group fall behind. Can we learn something from these amazing creatures? Yes…

Head out as a team, even if it’s just u & a friend, but return with a team. That persons’ company can make the end of your day so much more enjoyable!!

SandBar Sunrise “SandBar Sunrise”

This picture was taken at Biscayne Bay in Miami Florida.
It was a beautiful morning in which the clouds were hanging low & the sun had just started to play “hide & seek”. I flew my drone out to the little Key in the bay & noticed some water birds just relaxing in the morning sun. The birds seem to be enjoying the rays of the sun as it was coming up. It cast a beautiful golden color to everything it touched. It was amazing to see multiple species of beautiful birds enjoy nature together peacefully. Later on, they flew off to go forage & hunt for food. We humans can learn a lot from the various creatures of this world.