posted by Vera Bondare

Julia under an umbrella on the grass and on a bed with a book. Lonely girl with a book in the park…

Julia reads under the umbrella



posted by Vera Bondare

Oil painting with a Latvian typical landscape in the summer, with a sunny day, green bright grass, view at a field and a forest, and at a beautiful horse. I love horses very much. I feel it’s very strong energy. And believe that this animal can heal our souls. I remember how stress could make me feel angry, worried and sometimes even hate other people. But after being around horses, riding them for an hour, trying to make them my command, I was feeling very different. I was full of joy, very happy and no stress and angry feelings. It has a sense of something very romantic, inspiring. It is close to impressionism or expressionism style, with bright colours and warming mood.

A horse



posted by Vera Bondare

Bright and shining oil painting with a view at botanical garden and blooming dahlias. This magnificent smell is fulling the town every spring and remembering that soon is comming autumn. It looks amazing. We see a yellow, sunny background, a a tree and grass. We feel its an end of day, evening. This painting is painted using different oil paint techniqueы. Because of this, it has a special property to glow. It gives a special colour shining and palette. The painting is close to impressionism or expressionism style, with bright colours and warming mood. It will be a wonderful decoration for the interior. You can look at this artwork endlessly. And it never ceases to bring pleasure and joy...

Blooming dahlias



posted by Artist Cornelia Steckhan

Abstract, painting, dog in motion, because when running, the colors in the sun have different colors. The painting shows movement movement.

Conceptual art, Dog



posted by Marilyn Henrion

two panels, each 24"x18", mixed media, hand quilted Although all of the images that I create from my original photographs are mani[pulated in the computer before I commit them to a work, I am often conflicted about how much abstraction I want to employ. A fascination with the detail in the subject depicted vies with the the personal emotional component conveyed in the abstraction. This conflict resonates with the poem by Wallace Stevens… “I do not know which to prefer, The beauty of inflections Or the beauty of innuendos, The blackbird whistling Or just after.” www.marilynhenrion.com/innuendos

Innuendo 8 Diptych