Virtual Exhibition

Limelight: Beach sand and light by Carlos Ponce

Carlos Ponce

Inspirational Art: Textured acrylic colors mixed with beach sand and beach elements, pouring with ocean water. Light, colors and texture.

A virtual exhibit of Carlos Ponce.

Limelight is lights at the center of attention; a center stage for lights and colors, and songs as inspiration. Inspired by a beautiful song "Eternally" from Charlie Chaplin's movie Limelight.

Carlos Ponce's paintings reflects the moods, environment and different holistic experiences in an interaction among the elements and the canvas for the inspiration. He mixes beach sand, beach materials and colors, painting directly at the beach. It is about colors and texture.

Acrylic colors mixed with beach sand, pebbles, candle-wax, ashes, and ocean water as a way to transfer the light into the diffuse images. An inspiration from different poets and music provide the soul of every painting reflecting the seasonal changes and the views from the beach.

Virtual Exhibition Entries