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SPIRITUAL GROWTH by Elena Gastón Nicolás

Elena Gastón Nicolás

Here is a rather approximate overview of my artistic journey since the 80's, through the arrangement of abstract art and the Three Ways of Spiritual Knowledge:, The Alchemical Way, The Priestly Path and the Way of the Warrior. Tapestries, Colossuses and small important things.
I'm interested in exploring our mental and perceptual potential, also delving into spirituality. I shape mental maps and multi-boggling cosmogonies, portraits and custom made pictures. Above all , landscape and its inhabitants
I follow lightful spiritual life. I am very concerned about the future of the planet.
I was born on one of the first momets that criticism attributes to me.
Wholly Elena

“Her painting doesn’t leave indifferent. The bold stroke, the dazzling coloring, the fluid and voluptuous brushstroke, the intelligent texts, reveal a high-voltage personality that awakens and transforms with uninhibited passion and a very high degree of emotional calories."
German Bandrés Martinez

Her images distill a very deep inner universe, in full boiling, that overflows like a volcano when she gives free rein to the trans-world, like Goya.
Her conviction, chromatic sense, feeling and continuity of her spelling, both in the stain and in the graphic gesture (stroke), have sufficient value. What least matters is the cataloging of style"
Dr. Arturo Ansón Navarro

"Let a humble herb out of the hand of Elena Gastón serve as a principle in your being to feel your whole being in its totality as it should be".
Dr. H.G. von Österreich und von Toskana

"ELENEUDIS 70'80, Stage is known as the descomposed syntagmas after Comet Halley pssed throug lost in Gutemberg Huge Galaxy; (Runaway sentences vionenty sweep over the tender bucolic landscapes of the rugged nean Mountains, which sucumb to the dethroned rythm of the heroic appreciation of the distant trees, rivers, mountains and everything that the Great Creator wagered on the forehead of the eleneudistic gastonterepia.
This period was followed by what is known by the name of Eleneusis, or stage of deep 2005 she began the long journey with "The Ordination of Axtracto Art", hold on!. Then, she recoveres the runaway ELENEUDIS that was was able to show back in the eighties"
José Antonio Labordeta

"The Divine Ember Pulsating of the mystics and the poets, the fools of God and the blacksmiths, is in, Elena and in everything that she does. It’s about time for her to spread through the visible world so in need of astonishment and wonder, the vertigo and the boil of her word and her tabloid!"
Carlos & Enedina

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