Darina Vanková

darina vanková

Location: Slovakia

Darina Vankova comes from Lednicke Rovne, a small town from Slovakia. She's been attending private courses of french impressionist painting theory and techniques since 2011 under of the Czech Republic's most acclaimed painter, sculptor and graphic designer - Ladislav Maria Wagner. She started attending exhibitions and art gallery sales throughout the Europe and the USA, focuses mainly on nature, its importance for mankind and its impact on developing her spiritual values. The contact with the paiting itself emphasizes the emotional purity and poetically expressed love of the nature and the craft, that allows her talent the possibility to capture the beauty itself in its climax. Seeing her paintings in person allows you to imagine yourself lying on a meadow with a blade of grass in your mouth with the wind whirling all around you, blowing through flowers, herbs and leaves. It gives you the opportunity to take the beauty portrayed by the artist with yourself and respect the imagination and creative mind.



Pink dream

oilpainting on canvas 80x60cm

Poetry of nature

oilpainting on canvas 80x80cm

dream meadow

oil on canvas 120x70cm


oilpainting on canvas 80x60cm

grren srpring

oil on canvas 90x90cm


oilpaintig on canvas


oilpainitng on canvas

poetry of nature

oilpainting on canvas