Weber Gérald

Weber Gérald

Location: Canada

GÉRALD WEBER is born in the South of France on the edge of Provence where he lived until age 11 before immigrating to Canada with his parents. He always had a passion for the arts, in particular drawing and painting, which he practiced from an early age. He recalls well the little table on which he drew, in front of the window, overlooking the Gardon river. As a teenager, in Montreal, he took technical drawing classes in high school and art courses at the CEGEP level. His painting style developed over the years rooted in his early interest in architecture and design and evolved into the realm of Geometric Abstraction. The basic means in this environment are primary geometric shapes, straight lines, angles and perspective. Gerald uses these components and adds architectural elements and structural elements which he assembles and combines in imaginative two-dimensional and three-dimensional visions. Gerald’s unique style stems from his ability to create striking visual compositions made of realistic elements but that, often, cannot be assembled in the real world. Once the initial visual is created, he brings it to life through a palette of vibrant colours that are rooted in his native Provence.

Memberships: Lakeshore Artists Association (LAA).


Galleries and shows:

Galerie d’Arts Contemporains, Montréal (August - November 2018)
Galerie Michel-Ange, Montréal (August 2018 - April 2019)
La Parete Gallery, Toronto
Art Expo - Fritz Farm 26-27 April 2019
Art by the lake - Stewart Hall 7-8 September 2019
Solo exhibit - La Galerie Espace 6-12 November 2019


Artavita Portfolio

This is a sample of 4 of my works, 3 canvases and 1 plexiglass painting. Please keep in mind that plexiglass paintings look different depending on the amount and quality of light going through the paint layers. You can see many more of my works on my website:

Éclat “Éclat”

Acrylic on plexiglass 24 X 20 in.

Industrial Bytes “Industrial Bytes”

Acrylic on canvas (24 X 20 in.)

Carrément en mouvement “Carrément en mouvement”

Acrylic and stucco on canvas (24 X 20 in.)

Triangular Fusion “Triangular Fusion”

Acrylic on canvas (24 X 20 in.)