Marco Montess

Marco Montess

Location: Canada



Marco Montess is sculptor, painter, painter in fresco, engraver, writer and expert in restoration of art and artefacts. He mostly performed in Europe and, more recently, in Canada and China.

Education and membership

2001 Founding member La Maison des artistes, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

1985 Member of La Maison des Artistes, Paris, France

1984 Member de H.A.L.A.F. (Haute Académie Littéraire et Artistique de France)

1978 Member of Honour, S.H.A. (Solidarité Humaine pour les Arts) France

1974 Received title of Painter in Fresco for churches

1964 Faculty of Fine Arts – Sculpture in les Beaux-Arts

1972 PhD in Fine Arts

Main Exhibitions (selections)

2010 Dales Gallery, Geisha study, Victoria, Canada

2009 Pearl Ellis Art Gallery, Geishas 2, Comox, Canada

2009 Comox ValleyArt Gallery(CVAG), Sculptures, Courtenay, Canada

2008 Pearl Ellis Art Gallery, Geishas 1, Comox, Canada

2002 La Maison des Artiste, Ombre et lumière, Winnipeg, Canada

2001 La Maison des artistes, Winnipeg, Canada

2000 Gallery Alliance française of Winnipeg, Canada

2000 The Art and Literary Circle of Russia Museum, Beijing, China

2000 Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada

1997 Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

1990 - 1996 Archives Bldg. and Artspace, Winnipeg, Canada

1989 Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain, Winnipeg, Canada

1988 Gallery Brian Melnychenko and 13e Annuel CKRC-CKWG, Winnipeg, Canada

1987 12e Annuel CKRC-CKWG, Winnipeg, Canada

1987 OrlySud, Airport of Paris, France

1987 OrlyOuest, Airport of Paris, France

1986 Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris, France

1986 Yamamaru Gallery, Paris, France, duo exhibition with Chinese painter Yao Xiao, president of the Chinese Academy of painting and calligraphy

1985 Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris, France

1984 Biennale de Sculpture contemporaine - Formes Humaines, Jardin de Luxembourg,Paris, France

1984 Federal Republic of Germany

1983 Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris, France

1983 Gallery Francony, Nice, France

1974 - 1987 Solo exhibitions in different cities : Chateau du Val, Redon, Dreux, Montlucan,Nantes, La Baule, Paris, Lessay, Saint-Nazaire, La Gacilly, Pont-Ste-Maxence, Senlis

1974 Duo exhibition with sculptor Pierre Colombo, Évreux, France

1955 First Solo Exibition - sculpture

International Prizes and Exhibitions

1986 Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris, France

1984 Biennale de sculpture contemporaine, Formes humaines, Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris, France

1983 Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris, France

1978 Silver Palm - Concours International des Beaux Arts, Monte Carlo, France - 25 countries

1976 Bronze medal -Salon International des Beaux Arts, Paris, France - 37 countries

Collections (selection)

2002 Portrait of Lary Tate, Toronto, Canada

2001 Portrait of Albert Roy, Cree Chief, Winnipeg, Canada

2000 Portrait of Gabrielle Roy, Gabrielle-Roy Museum, Winnipeg, Canada

1988 Painting, Les Amazones, CKRC-CKWG art collection, Winnipeg, Canada

1987 Medal, F.H. Boigny, used for gold coins, Ivory Coast Government

1982 Medal, Action Galillée, Israel

1982 Monumental bust, Henry de Montherland, private collection, Bretagne,France

1978 Bust, Marianne, City Hall of Lassay, France

1978 Bust, Jacques Chirac, President private collection, France

1974 Stone Portrait of Josephine Baker, Yves Rocher private collection, France

1972 Portrait of of Vlad Dracu (Dracula), Guy DeLangson private collection, France

Also works (paintings, engravings and sculptures) in private collections in Japan,China, Turkey, Germany,Mexico, Europe and North America.

Present work

Completed a project of 80 kakemono’s (gouache on canvas rolls) and continuing gouache paintings and sculptures in wood.


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