RESUME: Shamil Davletkhanov was born 1952 year.

Was member of International Society of Experemental Artists.
Participate on 6 International Tashkent Art Bienalle 2011 and 7 International Tashkent Art Bienalle 2013, Art Week Moscow spring 2013. Founder of new genre - ancient identification symbols. From Past to Future
Kiev Institute of Engineers of Civil Aviation
Documentary film has been taken off in the Uzbek language in 2003 under the name « Mysterious signs » at the Tashkent studio of documentary and scientifically popular films.
2003 year was shoot scientific-popular film “Misterious Signs”
*6 International Tashkent Art Bienalle-2011 year.
*17-21 April 2013 Russian Art Week 2013 Moscow
*Seventh Tashkent International Biennale of contemporary art Date: 22-OCT-13 to 27-OKT-13
City: Tashkent
01-25 May 2012 year Personal exhibition “Form-er” –World of Forms in Tashkent Hause of Foto Uzbekistan Academy of Art



For more easily understanding of this art please connect images with main ideas of Plato’s Forms
Characteristics of Forms
A general metaphysical and epistemological theory. Central to all of Plato’s thought, but nowhere systematically argued for. A theory of postulated abstract objects, deriving from the Socratic “What is X?” question, which presupposes that there is a single correct answer to the “What is X?” question.
1. The correct answer is not a matter of convention, of what we all (or most of us) think.
2. What makes such an answer correct: it is an accurate description of an independent entity, a Form.
3. Forms are thus mind-independent entities: their existence and nature is independent of our beliefs and judgments about them.
The Phaedo contains an extended description of the characteristics and functions of the forms:
 Unchangeable
 Eternal
 Intelligible, not perceptible
 Divine
 Incorporeal (passim)
 Causes of being (“The one over the many”)
 Are unqualifiedly what their instances are only with qualification
Other dialogues fill out the picture: non-temporal; non-spatial; they do not become, they simply are.
Phaedo provides a good summary, listing all the attributes of Forms that souls also have: “divine, deathless, intelligible, uniform, indissoluble, always the same as itself.”