All my art is done with passion, creativity and thought. If you look closely you will notice the details. Please enjoy the abstract art that I made here. Thank you and god bless.


Abstract Color Art

These are all my Abstract pictures that have been edited and made into beautiful pieces. Enjoy these beautiful images of animals and objects.
God bless.

Kitty Bag -Cgmgc “Kitty Bag -Cgmgc”

My cat Budda was hanging out in one of my bags. He is so cute isn't he?

Swagger Dawg - CGMGC “Swagger Dawg - CGMGC”

This is an image of my gf's dog Tico. He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet! At the one of them!

The Dogpranos -CGMGC “The Dogpranos -CGMGC”

Tico and Kike are part of the Dogpranos. Dont mess with them capisce?

Meme Shot -Other Artist Unknown (Remodel) “Meme Shot -Other Artist Unknown (Remodel)”

This is not mine but this resembles the editing and color that I did to it. The original image is unedited until I tweaked it. Now its as good as a meme haha.

Chillaxed - CGMGC “Chillaxed - CGMGC”

This is Budda once again. The master of the arts of chilling.

F*** Off! -CGMGC “F*** Off! -CGMGC”

This is a piece with a message behind it. This was dedicated to pride month. It resembles the pride flag. The "F*** Off!" message is for the haters who hate on people for no reason.