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Art with a smile by Martin Veldhuis

Martin Veldhuis

I am Dutch visual artist Martin Veldhuis, working under my artist’s pseudonym MARVELLI. I exclusively paint with oil on panel.

My work falls under the category magical realism and is characterized by a figurative presentation of an event that in the real world is hardly possible or not possible at all. And mostly with an undertone of humor under the motto “art with a smile”. Art does not always have to be so serious or abstruse. Most of my paintings represent a snapshot of an event of which it is uncertain how it came about and how it will end. I leave that to the imagination of the spectator.

Many of my paintings are available in a limited edition of affordably priced high quality art reproductions with a lifelong guarantee on quality, either as Certified Art Giclee™ prints on 310 grams acid-free paper or as ready-to-hang HD Finish™ sublimation on aluminium. For HD Finish™ reproductions with a free shape the image is lasered-out exactly to the shape of the picture. They are provided with a 25 mm thick frame at the back to make them stand-off from the wall which gives a beautiful presentation. The reproductions are signed by me and come with a certificate of authenticity.

“Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will bring you everywhere”.
Albert Einstein

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