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NORA's Gallery by MANO

The name of the artist is: Nora KOMOROCZKI, artist name is: Mano.

You are visiting my virtual gallery by Artavita. I'm a Hungarian artist who has been painting with oil on canvas for more than three decades. My artist name - Mano - was given by my daughter Tunde, who said, as follows: there are already two famous French painters with the name of Manet (Edouard) and Monnet (Jean Claude).As a Hungarian painter you'll be the third one with a similar name, Mano. It's a joke, but I love this nickname.

In my gallery you can see some of my artworks painted in the last decades. The first 2 works were painted after my idol and master, the fantastic Hungarian painter Mr. Gyula Benczur who died 100 years ago. I fully admire his works. These two are the most famous ones, that I always loved.The first one is titled "Recapture of Buda Castle", that took place in 1686 when joint Hungarian and Western European troops expelled the Turks from our country after 150 years occupation. The 2nd painting is titiled "Baptizing of Vajk", who became as state founder - called St. Stephan - the 1st Christian king of Hungary at Xmas in the year 1000. He was crowned with a crown sent by the Pope of Rome. My two paintings are almost the one/ third in measures of the original ones. The first one is: 176x 86 cm, the 2nd one is: 190 cm x 120 cm. In addition to these historical paintings you can find in my gallery several other types of paintings in different styles, mostly landscapes and some modern ones as Oliver's violin, the Flamenco dancer, etc. Except of the Japanese Gheisas (painted on wood fiber) all of my paintings are painted by oil on canvas, My website:

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