Virtual Exhibition

Sunset Grill by Ilona Benzel

Ilona (Lonnie) Benzel

I spent many years painting oils, then my husband passed in 2005 and I lost interest in the work involved with oils. I moved to FL and picked up a set of acrylic and some canvas at a yard sale. I painted those for a year or more until I took a class at the art gallery and learned to paint with alcohol inks. I mix them with either charcoal or acrylics because there isn't white or black inks.

I don't try to make the inks perform as watercolors, they are an entirely different medium and I generally have an idea or photo to work with, then drop, drip or spread colors over the paper and let the inks do their thing spreading deep colors with little direction from me. I rarely use a brush unless I add acrylics.

I can sell without frames, that's the least expensive. They'll come in a stiff envelope, signed by me. If you elect to have the frame as well I need to buy a box the correct size, pad it with bubble wrap and ship it thru USPS. The cost will be much higher than without a frame. Most in frames have plastic instead of glass to prevent breakage.

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