Louise Lachance

louise lachance

Location: Canada

Artist Statement

“My goal is to enjoy the physical spontaneity of working with all drawing and water-based media, as they provide loose structural under-paintings, which then are shaped with a series of washes and collages, the main theme being music and people.

By then, I have created a work that reaches out by evoking emotions and capturing moments of time and space through the use of colour, shapes, textures and patterns. I love to draw, to compose and to celebrate “life” and the pure joy of seeing and feeling the beauty that surrounds us in an abstract way.”

Overview of artistic development

Louise Lachance Legault born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, started very early to draw and paint: after a few years of private courses, she attended l’Institut des Arts Appliqués where she graduated in Interior Design. In 1987, at Concordia University of Montreal, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with distinction, majoring in painting and printmaking. She has taken many high-level workshops in Watermedia, Mixed-media, Watercolour, Printmaking, Monotype, in Canada and the United States all of which influence her art.
In 2009 Louise was selected to illustrate the calendar of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and in the presence of Maestro Kent Nagano she had an opening at Place des Arts. For the past 8 years she has directed a workshop at the Atlantic Centre for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach Florida with the participation of selected Canadian and American Professional Artists.

For over 40 years, Louise has taught creativity to children in private and public schools and to adults in her studio, in Cultural Centres and Art Studios. She has conducted many workshops all over Canada and the USA. Music writing and traveling make up a great part of her life: she plays the piano and enjoys many forms of music, especially opera.

“I draw, I paint, I experiment, because I love it and I do it all with passion. My work is exuberant and this is the way I express myself''.

Louise, through her fifty-year career as an artist, has participated in many solo and group exhibitions, juried shows in Canada, France and the USA and received awards and honourable mentions.
Recently she has published a French book called ‘’Colore Ta Vie’’, one of a kind document, summary of her teaching years in art. This book is illustrated with over 100 of her paintings. Her works are to be found in collections in Canada, the USA, and Europe. She is represented by the Richelieu Gallery in Montreal and Gallery L’Événement in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

www.louiselachancelegault.com louchance@gmail.com


encaustic melodies

music as theme of this serie.

a few notes “a few notes”

Always music, encaustic on bord, 10'' x 10''

one, too, three “one, too, three”

again rhythm in music, encaustic on bord 10'' x 10''

dance “dance”

again, music dream, dance with me, encaustic on board 10'' x 10''

music in the air “music in the air”

looking through a window, encaustic on board 10'' x 10''

my models

I love to paint the human body and to give emotion to my models

she was there “she was there”

Jenny was such a strong model...
mixed media, 30'' x 44

yes dear “yes dear”

soul again... 30 x 44'' mixed media

magic “magic”

mixed media 30 x 44

clothes lines

another very interesthing serie about clothes lines
30 x 44, mixed media

yellowed... “yellowed...”

yellowed, 30 x 44, mixed media

clothes line “clothes line”

clothes, 4'x 5' mixed media on canvas

all there “all there”

everything is there, mixed media on stone paper, 28''x 36''