Alfredo Monroy

The road that took me to realize that I indeed was an artist at heart was non-traditional, to say the least.

Although I have been drawn to art since I was an adolescent and have been increasingly involved in the an observer, fan, collector, etc., and I patronize/support local galleries, art shows and other activities, I didn't have an awareness of my own ability as an artist until recentl

Art was always my hobby but it took me awhile to realize that I could add another dimension to my hobby by trying my hand at actually painting something. I went to an art supply store and bought some materials and went to work. I have not looked back.

I am self-taught but have very strong influences from some great artists. My main influences in art have been from some of the greats, as Picasso, Condo, Kadinsky, Basquiat, Britto, Warhol amongst many others including local talents as Alexander Mijares, and Domingo Zapata. I'm very drawn to their styles and I think it's evident in my works. I like to combine bright "in your face colors" with shapes and designs. Of course I also find inspiration in all things of beauty including nature, buildings, etc.

I paint almost on a daily basis and am always trying to improve my craft. My paintings show my passion for this art. I am committed to this craft and sincerely believe that I have a great future in it.