Location: Estonia

I started seriously painting, when in 2014 I fell down and broke my right hand.
Being a few months at home, I began to draw with my left hand.
I paint first for myself. My art is my therapy. Sometimes I want to please others
and give them what I'm sure they will like.
I am always inspired by nature. Sometimes inspiring interesting, unusual people.
Portrait I love to draw with a person, not by photography. For me, the impression is
important, and not the accuracy in detail. If I have the inspiration - I can use any
medium on any material!


Graduated from the University of Tartu in 1993.Physiotherapist, beautician.


2008 Group Show " Kuressaare 2008" in Kuressaare
Cultural Center.
2008 Solo exhibition in Kuressaare vocational school.
2008 Solo exh. in Kuressaare family doctor center.
2008 Group Show in Kuressaare City Hall.
2008 Group Show in the Sillamäe museum.
2009 Group Show in Põlva museum.
2009 Group Show in Kuressaare Cultural Center.
2010 Group Show in Kuressaare Cultural Center.
2014 Group Show in Kuressaare Cultural Center.
2014 Group Show in Salme Cultural Center.
2015 Group Showin Kuressaare City Hall.
2015 Group Show in Kuressaare day center.
2016 Solo exhibitionin Kuressaare day center.
2016 Group Show in Kuressaare Cultural Center.
2017 Group Show in Kuressaare City Hall
2017 Group Exhibition in Haapsalu City Gallery
2017 4-th Solo Exhibition in Sindi Museum
2018 Solo Exhibition in Pärnu City Hospital



A Study 8 “A Study 8”

Watercolor Painting on Paper. 2015.h18xw25.

Hepatica.2015. “Hepatica.2015.”

Watercolor painting on paper.h16.8xw14.5 cm.

Spring 2015 “Spring 2015”

Watercolor, acrylic on paper.h24.5xw19.5 cm.

op.154 “op.154”

Watercolor Painting on Paper.h10.5xw15.5cm.

Pain “Pain”

Watercolor painting on paper.h32xw24cm.

3 Carnations “3 Carnations”

Watercolor painting with using coffee.h19.5xw29.5cm.

From Mother “From Mother”

Watercolor painting on canvas.2017.


op.139.2016. “op.139.2016.”

Oil painting on canvas.h29.7xw27.8cm.

Welcome “Welcome”


The Tired Fly “The Tired Fly”

Oil Painting on Canvas.h24xw30x1.5cm.

Lilac.2017. “Lilac.2017.”

Oil Painting on Canvas.h40xw40cm.

Mixed media

Metamorfose.2016. “Metamorfose.2016.”

Mixed media painting on cardboard.h20.5xw20cm.

Tulips.2015. “Tulips.2015.”

Mixed media painting on paper.h32.3xw32.5cm.

Coffee Dance.2014. “Coffee Dance.2014.”

Mixed Media Painting on Paper.h20.8xw14.7cm.

Blue-eyed.2014. “Blue-eyed.2014.”

Mixed media painting on cardboard.h22.8xw25.9cm.

Silence “Silence”

Mixed media painting on canvas.h30xw40x1.5cm.