Jaime Coffey Bateman


These paintings are light studies. Light assists us in understanding landscapes, by experiencing the magnitude and direction in which it allows our vision to flow. As light moves it creates a dialogue between forms by defining them and their negative spaces. By concentrating on light as its own entity, I explore how it manipulates itself around objects and is distinguished through mood. The process of recording this subject matter is important for me to share, with the goal of understanding a simple, intimate moment.



Jaime Coffey Bateman graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. Currently residing in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles, her artwork focuses on light studies as landscapes in foreign places. Her paintings began to evolve in her early years in college, when she attended a summer program in France, and afterwards toured Europe. Since then she has spent months traveling through Southeast Asia and South America, painting on sight. Her most recent work focuses on travels through Northern California en route to Los Angeles.



1995-1999 Pacific Northwest College of Art, BFA in Painting, Portland, OR

1997 Summer, Pont-Aven School of Art, Pont Aven, France


Art World Podcast Episode 48: Jaime Coffey Bateman on Egg Tempera, TAG Gallery Exhibit and Being Both an Artist and a Mom

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Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs Artist Registry


2019 TAG Gallery, Solo Show "Red Earth," Los Angeles, CA

2019 Castelli Art Space, Living Histories Pop Up Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

2019 Gallery 825, Los Angeles Art Association Benefit Auction, Los Angeles, CA

2019 Artfully Spaced Gallery, "Differences Shine Alike" Juried Show, Los Angeles, CA

2018 TAG Gallery, Solo Show "California Series," Los Angeles, CA

2018 HOTE Gallery, “In Bloom,” Juried Show, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Beyond The Lines Gallery, "Mix It Up" Group Show, Los Angeles, CA

2017 TAG Gallery, New Members/Group Show, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Huntington Beach Art Center, "Centered on the Center," HB, CA

2016 Gallery 825, Juried Open Show, Los Angeles, CA

2016 Schomburg Gallery, Bergamot Station, Five Women Show "Foreign Travels"CA

2016 Topanga Canyon Gallery, 2016 Juried Show, Topanga Canyon, CA


Red Earth

Bateman's recent observations in both Southern Oregon and Los Angeles during heavy fire seasons, were impactful to how she was viewing changes in light and color. It struck her how quickly she acclimated to this change, accepting it as normal. Back in her studio, Bateman started a series of paintings that could distinguish a strong sense of light exploration alongside subtle narrative between landscape and wildlife. Working in egg tempera, a mixture of egg yolk, dry pigment and water, her paintings are filled with multiple layers for each color. Nuances between tone, transparency and vibrancy are at play in organic silhouettes and shadow.

Titles reflect an investigation of inner work with ideas such as peace, capacity and victory, paralleling images that are gentle while others reflect an urgency. Bateman explores the resiliency of our planet’s natural land regeneration in the face of climate change. She aims to move the viewers curiosity towards slowing down and observing surroundings to reach a calming state of meditation, which she finds restorative to conflicts. Bateman finds that inner peace is not always passive, but rather, a strong force that transforms her inner world. Feeling that we all need nature and a responsibility to protect it, Bateman aims to raise curiosity with her paintings and encourage collective critical thinking in regards to environment.

Capacity “Capacity”

Egg Tempera on Clayboard
With 1 1/2" Light Wood Side Panels

Victory “Victory”

Egg Tempera on Clayboard
With 1 1/2" Light Wood Side Panels

Healing “Healing”

Egg Tempera on Clayboard
With 1 1/2" Light Wood Side Panels

Courage “Courage”

Egg Tempera on Clayboard
With 1 1/2" Light Wood Side Panels