Kendra Michelle Profumo

I grew up as an only child always feeling very different from everyone. I think we can all relate to that to some degree, and this is where my energy for my artwork originated from. Even though I was well liked, I felt so alone, and I soon realized I could release this insurmountable energy by simply picking up a pencil and drawing. I taught myself to sketch by slowly connecting very vague lines until a form would emerge into an image that I could be proud of. Soon, I became fascinated by graphite which seemed to invite my drawings to come to life.

As I grew up, I became intrigued by other cultures with a particular interest in Asian Styles. I studied their artwork, and by my twenties I was painting my own interpretation of Asian design intertwined with my love for the people. My artwork and desire to adopt (from being a lonely child) lead to me to adopt two daughters from both China and Japan. Their essence and my love for them propels me to continue my Asian inspirations in my own work. Of course, the influences of the fathers of art such as Van Gogh also inspire me to incorporate a sense of proud admiration. One day I hope to dabble back to my graphite drawings to find that magical place I once hid in as a child. But for now I will relax into my paintings, a world that I hope you can both enjoy or even identify with.


New Paintings

I did a series of new paintings playing with design, color theory and texture, Each painting has a little story and is unique.

Connected “Connected”

I was curious to play with color and shapes in a way that they all linked together. I studied some of Picasso's work and the shapes of Matisse and came up with this piece. I thought the movement was playful and unpredictable to keep the audience interested. I used thick acrylics and avoided water.

Refresh “Refresh”

In this art work my focus was to experiment with texture and design. I layered many acrylics in thin layers mixed with harsh marks of brush strokes. The figure is gold to depict a confident healing women in her surroundings.

Energy “Energy”

This art work is all about the push and pull of color theory. I love to play with the science of color and dimension. Each shape holds or opposes the other creating a conflicting yet comforting composition.

Cougar “Cougar”

I made this kitty "Cougar" gold because the color is very healing for this kitten who is now in heaven. Her life was taken from her so unnecessarily early by cruel circumstances. Cougar was a whimsical magical kitten and I tried to portray her innocent nature in this interpretation of her. I have spent most of my life trying to rescue any kitty that is in need.

Blossoms “Blossoms”

This little painting "Blossoms" came from my love of Japan and my Japanese American daughter. Mixed media is strategically applied throughout the art to construct a nice blend of positive and negative space.

Remember Me “Remember Me”

This golden woman is reflecting back on some intense memories. During all the chaos she wonders "if you will remember me"....I used layers of acrylics on top of each other to create depth and richness.

Celebrate “Celebrate”

A woman celebrates by reaching up to the sky in victory. I layered several cool colors over warm colors to create intensity. Her hair is wild and free...just the way she feels.

Pretty Please “Pretty Please”

The woman awaits her partner as she wants to ask a serious favor, "pretty please"...I layered several crispy acrylics over several hours...I tried to play up to the texture to create depth while she waits for her response to the big question.