Johannes Genemans

Johannes Genemans

Location: Italy

Johannes Genemans was born in Leiden (Netherlands) in 1942. Since 1993, for work reasons,
he has been living in Italy on the Riviera Del Conero (Numana - Ancona). He has transferred
to photography and sculpture – his current loves – the same creativity that distinguished
his work in the shoemaking industry. For over thirty years Genemans was a stylist for
Italian fashion footwear. He was always fascinated by Italian art and especially sculpture. In
1993 he began his artistic journey modelling at first in clay followed by plaster, bronze and
finally marble. From 1997 onwards he undertook sculpture courses in Carrara, Pietrasanta
and Ancona. Prof. Sandro Sansoni provided him with unique guidance in the creation of
figurative sculptures and he carried out sculpture studies under technically very qualified
masters. Lastly he chose sculpture - or rather three-dimensional image – as a primary if not
exclusive element of his need to relate to the world through image and form, the latter of
which characterises him most. Consequently, his career has been prolific, creating sculptures
intended for the outdoors (both natural and urban), bas-reliefs on walls, monographic busts
and commemorative monuments, both public and private. His materials range from plaster
to bronze, terracotta, resin and marble


Intercultura,the new paradise

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