Ivan Filichev

Ivan Filichev was born in Bezhitsa of Bryansk region, Russia, in 1937.
1952-1957 - Yelets Fine Art College, the teacher Viktor S. Sorokin.
1957-1963 - Kharkov Fine Art-Industrial Institute, the battle art-studio of Leonid Chernov.
Lives and works in Kemerovo, Russia. The member of the Artists' Union of Russia since 1972.
A honored Artist of Russia. A participant of international, all-union, republican, siberian, regional and local Art Exhibitions since 1961.
The works are in museums of Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, in private collections of many countries.
The article about Ivan Filichev can be found in “Allgemeinis Kuenstler Lexikon. Die Bildenden Kuenstler aller Zeiten und Voelker”, Band 39. K. G. Saur, Muenchen-Leipzig 2003
His first passion in Art was the Itinerants (a late 19th-century Russian school of realist painters). Mikhail Vrubel, Konstantin Korovin influenced his early art. All his life, old Russian Art and painting of Andrey Rublyov, Feofan Grek, Russian icon, as well the Art of Renaissance were the part of his soul and inspired him a lot. El Greco made a special influence on him. He copied his “Saints Peter and Paul” in Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia. Among favorites are Russian Soviet avant-garde, namely Bubnovy Valet, as well impressionism, fauvism (Sezanne, Matisse).
The principle of painting – color without whitewash or its minimum in use.

Links: http://artru.info/ar/14286/


XX-th Century

This period embraces last four decades of xx-th century.

Martovaya Village “Martovaya Village”

1958 oil on cardboard 16 cm х 24 cm

Coke Furnaces “Coke Furnaces”

1961 oil on cardboard 35 cm х 25 cm

Vanya, the Driver of Kedrovsky Open Coal Mine “Vanya, the Driver of Kedrovsky Open Coal Mine ”

1962 oil on cardboard 35 cm х 25 cm

Awaitening “Awaitening”

1964 oil on canvas 130 cm x 105 cm

Self Portrait “Self Portrait”

1965 oil on cardboard 17,2 cm х 12,5 cm

Triptych "Mother" “Triptych "Mother"”

1968 oil on canvas 105 cm x 150 cm

Nastenka. The portrait of the Daughter “Nastenka. The portrait of the Daughter”

1971 oil on cardboard 49 cm х 38 cm

At the Son's Studio “At the Son's Studio”

1972 oil on canvas 117 cm х 100 cm

Neil in Aswan “Neil in Aswan”

1974 Pastel on Paper 36 cm х 47 cm

Evening. Baikal-Amur Railroad “Evening. Baikal-Amur Railroad”

1975 oil on cardboard 50 cm х 70 cm

Etude “Etude”

1976 Watercolors on Paper 18,5 cm х 11,5 cm

Selfportrait. Family “Selfportrait. Family”

1977 oil on canvas 70 cm х 60 cm

Women “Women”

1978 Watercolors on Paper 50 cm х 37 cm

My Studio “My Studio”

1979 oil on canvas 150 cm х 105 cm

Miners Crew “Miners Crew”

1982 oil on canvas 150 cm х 200 cm

Sun Over The Dunes “Sun Over The Dunes”

1983 Watercolors on Paper 37,5 cm х 40 cm

Sukhumi City “Sukhumi City”

1984 Watercolors on Paper 36 cm х 48 cm

Don To The Coalface “Don To The Coalface”

1985 oil on canvas 120 cm х 100 cm

Bird Cherry Tree “Bird Cherry Tree”

1986 oil on canvas 100 cm х 100 cm

The Portrait of the Wife “The Portrait of the Wife”

1987 oil on canvas 105 cm х 100 cm

Apocalypse “Apocalypse”

1988 oil on cardboard 48 cm х 50 cm

Metaphysical Portrait “Metaphysical Portrait”

1989 oil on canvas 69 cm х 77 cm

Mother Russia “Mother Russia”

1990 oil on canvas 140 cm х 160 cm

Coming Through the Red “Coming Through the Red”

1990 oil on cardboard 49 cm х 50 cm

Samovar And Apples “Samovar And Apples”

1991 oil on canvas 67 cm х 77 cm

 Ascension “ Ascension”

1992 oil on cardboard 22 cm х 25 cm

Crucifixion “Crucifixion ”

1993 oil on canvas 50 cm х 45 cm

Christ And Angels “Christ And Angels”

1994 oil on canvas 48 cm х 47 cm

Lilac “Lilac”

1996 oil on canvas 100 cm х 100 cm

Church With the Bell Tower “Church With the Bell Tower”

1997 oil on canvas 68 cm х 77 cm

XXI-st Century

Some works created in this century are in this album.

Tourist Camp Site in the Mountains “Tourist Camp Site in the Mountains”

2001 oil on canvas 45,5 cm х 50,5 cm

Flashback “Flashback”

2002, oil on cardboard, 44x50cm The work is in USA

Fresh Wind “Fresh Wind”

oil on canvas, 2003, 100x90cm

Autumn in the Town “Autumn in the Town”

Oil on canvas, 2004, 46x50cm

Peers “Peers”

2005, oil on canvas, 67х77

Summer The Beautiful “Summer The Beautiful”

2006, oil on canvas, 95 х100 cm

Apples, Flowers “Apples, Flowers”

2007, oil on canvas, 67x77 cm

Miners Town “Miners Town”

2008, oil on cardboard, 45х50 cm

Holy Island “Holy Island”

2009, oil on cardboard, 35х38 cm

Blue River “Blue River”

2010, oil on canvas, 47х48 cm

Summer “Summer”

2012, oil on cardboard, 24x30 cm

Poet “Poet”

2013, oil on cardboard, 24х25 cm

Christians “Christians”

2014, oil on cardboard, 23х24,5 cm

Sails “Sails”

2015, oil on canvas, 60x120 cm

Theater “Theater”

2016, oil on cardboard, 25x30 cm