Patricia Askew

An eclectic artist living life in the world of abstract art. Presently residing in Winter Park, Florida.


Soulful Wall Space

Experience art through a spiritual journey. Pieces felt with a soulful connection to the art. Like no other staying true to her vision and following her dream to take her place among the free spirited. The pull to be a part of something creative has been a stop and start event a search for a beat in life that doesn't speak the same script. I don't follow the rules in life and my art shows it.

My art has been a part of several group shows and has hung in several NYC coffee shops. I have also done some commission work. I celebrate being true to myself and hope you like what you see.

Before Coffee “Before Coffee”

Acrylic on canvas, as a cant start the day without my morning coffee person. I literally awaken and couldn't stop. That's what the world looks and feels like. Hence the title.

Make It Happen “Make It Happen”

"Make it Happen." is a piece that is both acrylic and water mixable oils. I believe that working on what is undesirable can be changed to make life more desirable for everyone.