Robert Charlton

Robert Charlton

Location: Australia

Self taught artist. DOB: 1953. Bachelor of Laws ( LL.B ) University of Melbourne ; Graduate Certificate in Art Authentication University of Melbourne (within the faculty of Arts and The Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation).

I have started to paint and sculpt more as I have gotten older. It is for me a most satisfying diversion. A large part of my enjoyment comes from just thinking about how I will go about creating something well before I put brush to canvas or start fashioning a sculpture.
However, the greatest satisfaction comes from jumping in and actually doing it. Painters who have influenced my approach to painting are Matisse, Kandinsky, Picasso, Dufy and some of the German Expressionists.

A limited selection of my work here is available for sale by way of framed prints, t- shirts, mugs hoodies, clocks and iPad iPhone covers etc at my shop : “20Apple” on

Lives in Victoria Australia, and France. Email:



The Four Seasons

Butterfly abstract “Butterfly abstract”

Acrylic on canvas

Bush animals “Bush animals”

Acrylic on canvas

Madding Crowd “Madding Crowd”

Acrylic on canvas

Pont Pierre Bordeaux “Pont Pierre Bordeaux ”

The Pont Pierre Bordeaux spanning the Garrone with a view of l’Eglise St.Michel and the Porte de Bourgogne . Acrylic on canvas

Jeffrey “Jeffrey ”

Oils on canvas

 The Place de La Bourse Bordeaux “ The Place de La Bourse Bordeaux ”

With the Palais de La Bourse and the fountain of Les Trois Graces partially reflected in The Miroir d’Eau on the Quai du Marechal de Lyautey

Old time Shepherds of the Landes in South West France on their stilts “Old time Shepherds of the Landes in South West France on their stilts ”

These Shepherds tended their flocks of sheep in the marshes of the Gironde region amidst endless forests of pine and walked on stilts over the marsh, wearing clogs and sheep skin coats, topped off with beret basques.