Ivana D

Ivana D

Location: Serbia

Hello. My name is Ivana, and I am from Serbia but in past few years I live in Miami, USA. I finished art high school in my home city Kraljevo in Serbia and after that I graduated on faculty of applied painting. I am working now mostly with oil on canvas and I would like to share my work with other artists. Hope you will like it.


Spiritual and physical transformation

The global problem of hunger and Pain, the confilct in us and around us, fear of forgetting, spiritual and physical disapperance, dignity and anxieties that follows us through everyday struggle. Feeling of dignity, pride, when it's the toughest, when we stan in the eye with our demons.


Dissociative identity disorder, two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states.

Wang peonies “Wang peonies”

Some people will think that giving flowers is pointless because the flowers will eventually die. Well, guess what? That's actually the part that we love.

Up in smoke “Up in smoke”

To be wasted!

Impuls “Impuls”

Jellyfish don't have Brains, but they can hurt and even kill you

Enlightenment “Enlightenment”

An intellectual movement

stigma “stigma”

a strong lack of respect for a person or a group of people or a bad opinion of them because they have done something society does not approve of:

undefined space “undefined space”

Space (or the universe) is infinite in every direction

Cycle “Cycle”

Life cycle too is an integral part of the Earth system.

Catwomen “Catwomen”

femme fatale

Back to roots “Back to roots”

Going back to the begining of where we came from

Conflict “Conflict”

Fight between good and evil, light and darkness

Venus “Venus”

Goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory.

Interior painting

I was hired to do an Interior painting of one hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. The whole idea was to do a Pop art on the walls, mirrors and doors. It is inside of a bar and restaurant so the whole idea was to make an interior to look urban, sexy and to give a vibe of relaxing and carefree vacation.

step 1. “step 1.”

Painting on mirrors

Step 2. “Step 2. ”

artist in the middle of the process

Final result “Final result”

Final result on Mirrors


transience “transience”

the transience of life and beauty
Tehnic: Acrylic on wood

transience 2 “transience 2”

Tehnic : oil on canvas

life through the green eyes “life through the green eyes ”

Love gives spiritual sight, seeing the unseen