Lisbeth Thygesen

Lisbeth Thygesen

Location: Denmark

All my life I have had a rich inner world of images. I usually say that I think in pictures, and when I speak, I translate images into words, or vice versa. All images become feelings and sensations. In my world pictures tell things so much more nuanced than words.
All these pictures are with me at all times. Some overwhelm me or inspire me so much that I will want to try to express them.
When I paint I am often inspired by my dreams, images from my subconscious, and what I see in nature and photographs of nature. Furthermore, I am very inspired by symbols, old and new.
Some of the symbols I use in my art has through the ages been used and sometimes abused by various religions and rulers, but the symbols are universally human. They live in our dreams and in our subconscious and have always been used to "describe" what we can not really put into words. They are neither good nor evil, but they manage to open our emotions and consciousness in us because they speak a language that our subconscious mind or soul understands across culture, and that is exactly what I think is so very interesting and exciting.
When I paint, I try to not to interpret it, I intuitively see what I need to paint, but I want others who see my works, to, for a moment, step outside of their everyday life, and enter a world where imagination and the subconscious are allowed to visit the corners of their minds where words might not have access. And I wish they in this place will recognize something in my pictures that will hopefully give them momoent of a joy or redemption.
Most of all I express myself in pictures, because I simply can not resist it! From my childhood to this day, I have had a burning desire to express myself figuratively, and, with the exception of a few years at the beginning of my adult life, I have always given in to it. As time goes by, it has become a burning passion, a fire that will never be extinguished!




By your side “By your side”

"By your side", acrylic on canvas, 80x60 cm, 2017.