Junkyu Lee

I was born in 1968, in Seoul, Korea. Raised and educated in Seoul, I had a strong background in the fine arts in college with a focus in the artistic department. After attending the Hongik University in Seoul, I received a bachelor of fine arts degree. After graduating, I had job teaching at a high school in Korea, and built my career as an artist. I moved to Seattle in 2003, while continuing to teach students and paint my works in my studio. I have had many group exhibits every year since 2007. I have won multiple national and regional juried art competitions since 2015.


Junkyu's Art Gallery

My artworks captures everyday moments that we tend to overlook. In my daily existence, I recognize myself as “an obtuse person” who regrets and longs for the things that were not previously appreciated. Anyone can have this experience.                             
In my art work, I want to reminisce this concept by depicting the idea of cherishing every second.
If you were to take snapshots of your daily routine, there are many situations and emotions that seem utterly mundane.
Amidst our dull yet busy lives, there are countless moments where we want to escape or feel pleasure and suffering.
My subjects originate from activities from our daily lives that go unnoticed such as eating, resting, driving, and working. Because of the simplicity of my subjects, the everyday human can transpire the in depth feeling of these moments. Hence, the main theme of my painting in “mundane yet cheerful everyday existence.”