Anna Badini

Already drawing in Italy as a teenager, Anna began painting as a young adult in New York, representing what she left behind and missed and what she found and discovered. Symbolizing different moments, experiences and perceptions, her paintings fall into four categories: Landscape, Architecture, Nature, Abstract. She paints mostly in oil, and at times in acrylics, on canvas or metal.
In her paintings Anna seeks to express her search and her findings. The luminous colors and gestural approach of her work explore the abstract qualities and delve into the forces of nature. She conveys mystery, a spiritual note, vision, as she is often drawn into a skyward direction.
She has a vivid memory, at three years old during WWII in Italy, of being awakened from her nap and being accompanied by her beloved grandmother to the latter’s small garden, where she proceeded to hoe the soil with her small tool. She watched, perplexed, until suddenly a potato was uncovered! Her favorite food, plus eggs! Overjoyed, mystified and excited at her discovery, Anna followed her grandmother to the small chickencoop: Nonna pointed to a mound where she saw…an egg! And warm! Anna is certain that this very meaningful experience of seeking and finding and uncovering, in a loving peaceful way ….has guided her throughout life, especially through her art.
She was a psychotherapist for many years before devoting herself completely to painting, and she finds that the fundamental elements that come to play in psychotherapy: ethics, esthetics, intuition, empathy, emotion, spontaneity, perception, the unconscious, and more, also play their part in art and artmaking—all leading to an exciting discovery. This is why she loves her work.
She hopes that others, also, find something meaningful or interesting in her work.


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