Karen Kanas

Karen was raised in Chicago, Illinois and involved in the arts from a very young age. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre from the Performing Arts Center, Barat College of DePaul University. Karen was fortunate enough to work with such theatre companies as Steppenwolf Theatre, Goodman Theatre, Chicago Theatre and Phoenix Theatre to name a few. She studied painting and art history throughout her years in school, in addition to studying architecture and interior design when she moved to Los Angeles, California at UCLA. Karen has been an artist for over ten years. Her background in theatre and architecture has influenced her immensely as an artist. Many pieces of her artwork have been on exhibit in Los Angeles, New York City and San Jose. Karen was featured in DESTIG Magazine as one their top emerging artists for 2019 and in the Los Angeles Art Association 2019 Volume 2 Catalog. She was a 2020 scholarship recipient from the Los Angeles Art Association and is a founding artist of Ozli based in Los Angeles. Karen also wrote and produced her video performance art piece, The Unseen Artist which is a self-exploration of herself as an artist, and she directed the online series, Shakespeare's Pawn.

To learn more about Karen visit: https://www.karenkanas.com



Acrylic on Canvas, 12" x 16"

Abstract Coastline

Acrylic & Gouache on Canvas,
16" x 12"

Night Landscape

Acrylic on Canvas, 6" x 12"

Abstract Landscape

Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 24"


Acrylic on Canvas, 8" x 10"

Town by the Sea

Acrylic on Canvas, 11" x 14"

Self Portrait

Acrylic on Canvas, 20" x 16"


Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 24"

Abstract Skyline

Acrylic on Canvas, 8" x 12"

Black Forest

Acrylic on Canvas, 10" x 20"


Acrylic on Canvas, 12" x 16"

Shakespeare's Pawn Art/Film Project: Blood, Sweat & Tears

Acrylic on Canvas, 3 Canvases 30"x 30"

Karen is a filmmaker and director of the online series Shakepeare's Pawn. Portraits painted by Karen are based on the characters portrayed in Episode 1 of the series: Launce from The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Aaron the Moor from Titus Andronicus, and Henry V from Henry V. Thus theme, blood, sweat and tears.