Fernando Rola

Fernando Rola

Location: Portugal

I am Portuguese and I lived in Brazil from 1975 to 2016 - since 2016 I have been living in Portugal in Porto where I was born.
My main influences have to do with my life experience, my introspections and the challenge of expressing it through painting. Works of great masters certainly left me marks and always constitute beaconers in the establishment of my art work. I paint with oil colors, watercolors and, since 2019, I am also doing digital art paintings.

Artist member of :

AGZ – L´Agenzia Di Arte since 2010
“Z Gallery” in Portugal since 2017
Fine Art America since 2011

Participation in Art Paintings exhibitions:

Galeria Sebastião - Portalegre, Portugal
from 02/set to 02/oct;

Casa da Luz - Madeira Island, Portugal
from 05 to 30/oct

Galeria Patricia Muñoz – Barcelona, Spain
from 17 to 31/mar
Rainha Santa Isabel – Coimbra, Portugal
from 05 to 28/jun


Exposição Internacional de Artes Plásticas - Vendas Novas ,Portugal
from 25/5 to 23/jun

Museu Municipal Santos Rocha - Figueira da Foz, Portugal
from 06/7 to 25/aug


Casa Museu Fernando Namora – Condeixa, Portugal
from 15/5 to 19/jun

Galeria Vieira Portuense – Porto , Portugal
from 08/aug to 5/sep


Rainha Santa isabel – Coimbra, Portugal
from 11/mar to 20/jun

Galeria Hostel – Porto, Portugal
from 07/may to 17/jun


2021 and 2022 paintings

My newest paintings 2021 / 2022.

The sound of Silence “The sound of Silence”

Surreal, abstract expressionism of a guitar player.
Based on my digital work study of The Magic Sound Of Silence.

Shyness “Shyness”

Shyness always leads to isolation, depression…

Blue and Rose “Blue and Rose”

Introspective girl between blue and rose...

No limits... “No limits...”

There are neither limits nor walls for those who love.

Beyond the limits “Beyond the limits”

A contortion body movement taken to the extreme in an attempt to hold the Earth.
The analogy with today is obvious.

The four wise monks “The four wise monks”

In essence, in these events of “Samba de Morro” in Brasil, no evil is done, no evil is seen, no evil is heard and no evil is thought, people just enjoy.