Danielle Robinson

Danielle Robinson

Location: Canada

For Danielle Robinson, photography has been a hobby for her to capture and preserve her moments of wonder in nature. She likes what makes you think, which is good for the soul, which allows you to get out of yourself and connect to the essential ... about life and the beauty of the world what!

She photographs shapes, textures, clouds, sunsets, reflections and shadows that she assembles numerically until the result emerges in her a vibration carrying symbols.

Marveled by the beauty of the world and the interiority of the human, she wants her compositions to contribute to the dialogue and bring well-being to the people who will look at her works!



"Au-delà de soi"

In her series "Au-delà de soi" (Beyond Self), she plunges into her imagination and creates a supernatural universe leading to introspection and dialogue with our unconsciousness. These compositions are more blurry, darker and the shape of the characters created is abstract. The colors are different depending on the state of mind in which we find ourselves.

"L'enfance pétrifiée" “"L'enfance pétrifiée"”

Horror vision in the Sainte-Famille neighborhood! Several children were found rooted, petrified like trolls; their bodies turned into stones. But what happened?

Hestia is accused of forcing children to play outside with nothing but their imagination. Thus deprived of any electronic device and devoid of autonomy, they suffered a very violent emotion.

How can we forget that today's children are no longer those of yesterday? The supremacy of the screens, the overcrowded schedules and the obsessive insecurity of the parents have made them sedentary for a long time. They have neither the physical condition nor the behavioral and emotional control necessary to go out and play outside.

In his defense, Hestia invokes the petrifaction of childhood. She claims for the children the full right and freedom to go out and invade the neighborhood with their laughs, their games and their imagination. Maybe it's not too late to save them!

"Un éternel recommencement" “"Un éternel recommencement"”

Eternity is greater than yesterday and is even more so than tomorrow! If life is a beginning, death is only a continuation preceding a return. Everything we know is part of a perpetual movement through time. This is how Anatolia, Mésembrie and Dysis travel together in infinity!

They enjoy themselves in their routine of getting up, working, sleeping and harmonizing with the seasons. They give us the vitality to adapt and follow in their movements.

Do not fear warn us, keep your pace, be energetic and follow the movement. Take care to stop suddenly and especially to go against the current since the shock wave will inevitably bring you back to the beginning. Each completed cycle will reward you. Take over once in a while and take another path will not hurt you. Remember that the beginning is never an end in itself!

"Demain est un autre jour" “"Demain est un autre jour"”

Some days are full of obsession. Nothing is more, everything is darkened. The tests follow one another. I'm just a shadow in the middle of nowhere.

My mind is invaded by my suffering, my despair and my fears. I am deeply marked by the weather and I want everything to stop.

STOP ... dead time! I do not have the power to erase events, but I have the power to choose how I will live them. There is certainly a patch of light around me. As small as she is, I look for her and find her. The more I observe it, the more I feel it, the more it calms me and the more it brings me hope.

My heart calms down, I breathe calmly and my ghosts move away. Nothing has changed and yet nothing is the same. In space-time, I took the time to find myself and I know that tomorrow will be different!

"Il était une fois"

In his series "Il était une fois" (Once upon a time), she wants to immortalize the magnificent scenes that bring her serenity. She is particularly fascinated by the floods of the rivers which modify her environment and if a mist envelops the flooded fields, the wonder is at its height. His photos are distinguished by the atmosphere, the light and occasionally a touch of humor.

"Rendez-vous" “"Rendez-vous"”

20 x 30 ", 2018, printed on acrylic

"Calway la rebelle" “"Calway la rebelle"”

12 x 18", 2018, printed on aluminum