Daniel Kosilov


Данил Косилов

Daniel Kosilov was born in 1978 in Russia. Lives and works in Moscow. Studied at the Moscow University Stroganov. Since 2006 member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and International Federation of Artists.

He started drawing in his childhood, with oil paints on canvas. Studied the works of van Gogh, Matisse, Gauguin. Early in his career his style of painting was close to impressionism, but in the future a great influence on the painting of Daniel has had the art modernist style and Fauvism, as a result of mixing these styles, the artist found his own unique style, which is characterized by bold bright colors, contrast and expressiveness of the brushstroke, the desire to simplify forms, work with solid colors, a departure from the three-dimensional. Some of his paintings evoke theatrical sets.

Daniel carefully selects the subjects for his paintings that is the most challenging in the creative process. He writes still lifes, landscapes, portraits, genre paintings. Spent several large solo exhibitions in Art galleries of Moscow, was the participant of many collective exhibitions and publications.
E-mail: kosilov99@mail.ru
2006. - CHA member of the exhibition "Continuity of party and special"
2007. - CHA-man show, hall в„– 27, the artist Daniel Kosilov.
2008. - The Moscow House of Nationalities, exhibitors "Spring palette - 2008"
2008. - Exhibition Hall Tushino, solo exhibition "Panorama of color"
2010. - Member of the publishing and exhibition project "Russian Art: The Rebirth"
and exhibitions in the Art Gallery of the Federation Tower, Moscow, Presnenskaya nab. ow. 12
2010. - Participant of the exhibition "Belle fleur" in Art Gallery "Gallery N"
2016. - Personal exhibition in CHA, hall 13. Video of the exhibition https://youtu.be/wjyEiJ8YjHY

Participation in large-scale publishing project "Russian Art Guide 2017" with participation of artists of Russia and China.